“Torch” — Part VI, Page 16

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  1. matthew brandi says:

    Hmm: Emma, Brigham, Jaeger … and the boyfriend’s the crazy one?

    Ah, but this from the woman who had a crush on her mother’s boyfriend-who-looks-like-her-mother.

  2. Peter Tupper says:

    And is dating a woman who looks her too.

    This is Rachel doing to Jaeger what she’s supposed to do with him: using him as a scapegoat to hold her family together in her mind. I wonder if she’s ever told Psyche or anybody else outside her family the whole story.

  3. Orion Sandstorrm says:

    It’s like somebody put the Oedipus complex in the microwave.

  4. reptangle says:

    I just measured. Psykhe and Rachel ‘s eyes are both 9mm apart.
    Psyk- HE?
    Sounds encouraging so far…

  5. Oneiros says:

    Cute, Reptangle! And Matthew pointed out that Psykhe is pretty, but looks dumb. And she (he?) has been missing some of Rachel’s humor. Guys are kinda dumb. It’s hopeful! :)

  6. matthew brandi says:

    I’m sure I never said she was pretty, but I’m listening to “Speak to me of Mendocino”, so it is pretty hard to get angry about the misrepresentation. ;)

  7. Oneiros says:

    I stand corrected. On page 8, you simply said, “In panel four she just looks young, soft, … and very, very stupid.”

  8. Oneiros says:

    I looked up “Speak to me of Mendocino” on YouTube, but only found a song called “Talk to me of Mendocino”, as sung by “Rufus, Martha, and their Mom” at the Rufus Wainwright Ann Arbor Folk Festival in January of 2007. Gorgeous harmonies.

  9. matthew brandi says:

    My bad: it is “Talk”, of course. Sorry about that. I was listening to the version by “their mum & her sister” — i.e. Kate & Anna McGarrigle.

    I suppose some people might think “young & soft” was a positive evaluation, but soft gives me the willies. Ech! (I am, of course, rather too soft, myself.) I must have looked at too much marble … and not enough flesh.

  10. Peter Tupper says:

    Is this what Psyche is literally seeing, displayed in the Augmented Reality Rachel is using?

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