“Torch” –Part VI, Page 15

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  1. matthew brandi says:

    “Became a thousand times more fascinating because they were worn by a woman.”

    Oh, dear, Rachel does seem over-invested in gender crap, doesn’t she?

    Reminds me of Bron in Trouble on Triton.

  2. Inkthinker says:

    I think probably most Llaveracs have weird invesments in gender crap, though, given that they are gender ambiguous in so many ways. This is kinda fascinatin’ stuff.

    Though legally and culturally it seems to be irrelevant? It appears to be more important to Rachel than to society as a whole (whether her future spouse is biologically male), which is a nice flip from the real world.

    Hey Speed, I don’t know if that dress design is from somewhere or if it’s one of your own, but I really like that broken-heart motif across the bust. Clever stuff!

  3. Liza says:


  4. matthew brandi says:

    And I’d thought they were swan wings (it is true that on my theory, swans looked a lot like snails)–doh! ;(

  5. Peter Tupper says:

    IIRC, Emma has scars all over her body, likely self-inflicted and related to her visions/trances/seizures. We only glimpsed them once in “Sin Eater”, and the rest of the time she’s covered up to the wrists and neck, even when in bed with Jaeger.

    So, assuming the dress in the third image leaves her neck and shoulders bare, where are they? Did they happen after this image was taken? Does this mean that the seizures/visions didn’t come until later as well? Does that mean that Rachel’s going to start doing that too? And is that what the whole Oriana thing is?

  6. Liza says:

    Peter, on seeing that image in Sin-Eater I assumed those marks were “war paint” designed to enhance her visions.

    (And can I just say that I love the Speediverse concept of makeup that makes you more alert/insightful/intelligent? I need some of that from SpeedSephora!)

  7. Rae’s not the pheasant plucker.

  8. reptangle says:

    Why did Rae bring this up, I wonder? Is this a dark secret from Emma’s past? Is a Llaverec that appears male considered a pervert?

  9. Jessy says:

    I think it might be a little more complex. I’m sure that what Emma was doing was indulged as an affectation she played with for amusement but had she kept it up as a serious alter ego she expected people to respond to there may ahve been trouble. For example if she was doing it to attract Llaverac girls with as apposed to enjoying the costume for its aesthetic propeties and the drama of being “different”.

  10. Oneiros says:

    Seeing as the Llaverac try so hard for everyone in the clan to look female, I imagine very deliberately dressing male was something akin to taboo?

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