“Torch”—Part I, page 24

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  1. Owlmirror says:

    Is “Enna-Mar” the same as “Enna-Mareka” who we see in Part III, page 23 (or page 82 from the beginning)?

    Will Enna-Mar’s boyfriend prepare the ham with green eggs?

  2. Alannaeowyn says:

    I’m pretty fond of these manic types. Heh.

    By the way, my copy of Voice came in the mail yesterday! I devoured it and it was delicious, and now I’m making time with Torch until Volume 1 of the Library comes in….probably the beginning of next week. Anyway. Wheeee!

    Seeing the difference between the webcomic and the print version…..Drat. I’m going to have to buy the collection of this, too, aren’t I? Lady, you’re going to clean out my savings….

  3. Speed says:

    Yes, and you can see how impressed she is with her boyfriend, and NOOOOOOOO

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