“Torch” — Part VI, Page 12

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  1. Oneiros says:

    That’s hot. ;)

  2. Inkthinker says:

    Her life’s work…

    I’m voting for Interpretive Dance! :D

  3. Oneiros says:

    Whoops… page 13 replaced page 12…

  4. Yeah, 183-185 skip. The last time she did this it was some weird attempt to save a surprise for later … first adult appearance of Brom, I think.

  5. I mean, usually, if the writer doesn’t want us to see page 43 until after we read page 57, correct me if I’m wrong here but she usually makes it page 58. I mean, I thought that was sort of the idea behind narrative in the first place. It’s called “Sequential” art, Ms. McNeil … Sequential – right? hello? … hello?

  6. matthew brandi says:

    @des: I knew the proper name ‘Psykhe’ would please you. ;)

    Of course on ’184′, which really does belong here (as panel 1 of 185 has Psykhe’s non-answer to Rachel’s sarcastic question at the end of 184), we have the common noun ‘protogée’, so the Ps keep piling up, and Rachel likely could find a use for that pile of mattresses …

  7. Speed says:

    Son of a…. what the eff. Damn it, it’s hard to fix things on this bloody frick’n frack’n ragga magga nrrrrrrggggh.

  8. Speed says:

    Well, I’ll have to blame Progress. Progress! She who bears a great cornucopia of Wonderful New while trampling flat under her feet that which Already Works. I… I UPGRADED WORDPRESS.

    I am so sorry

    When Zan wakes up (Everybody say HI ZAN) he’ll fix it, because yeah, my gris-gris isn’t doing it.

  9. See, Matthew? You’re right, the P on Psykhe’s back stands for Progress. Because as Rachel would agree, Psykhe is clearly “She who bears a great cornucopia of New” – and Speed, as long as you draw cornucopiae like that for us, you can ultimately do no wrong. This new girl is purty, is what it is.

  10. matthew brandi says:

    … and when she whips out her schlong, that’ll be another ‘P’ for the list.

  11. matthew brandi says:

    … for ‘python’, obviously.

  12. zan says:

    If you think a page skip is bad, imagine my horror after I upgraded WordPress and Webcomic and suddenly all the webcomics were empty. :-/

    I managed to re-associate everything, but must have somehow swapped the future page with the current one.

    Fixed now! Sorry about the weirdness…

  13. Oneiros says:

    Hi, Zan! Thank you, Zan! :)

    Oh, yeah, upgrade. So it says “Finder” where it used to say “Go to site”. And other stuff, I imagine.

  14. Scott Bieser says:

    Getting out of meta and back to the story, my guess is the Psykhe wants to make comics. Or something equally silly. Yes?

  15. Zan, never be sorry for the weirdness. And thank you again for the site!

  16. Peter Tupper says:

    Well, so much for my theory that Rachel only goes for masculine types.

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