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  1. tsukechick says:

    So Rachel could marry the Llavarec’s answer to David Bowie. Girl, of all the problems the five crazy women you have described so far have thrown at you, “too hot” should not be your dealbreaker.

    Plus if she’s performing all the time, then she’s not in your hair, either.

  2. Jessy says:

    No it can be a problem if she expects Rach to perform too, David Bowie has had his marital difficulties and the risk with that one is she would always look down on Rach, unless Rach was up to constantly competing/performing with her. It has been often noted that people who marry above themselves (socially, financially, personality, businessy) are often unhappy and end up a bit downtrodden. The second one has promise, Miss Competent, Rach would just have to make sure she stood up for herself and not let her get too carried away. Marrying the child is unpalatable but one of the better choices as Rachel would have some space to sort herself out without another strong Llaverac personality crowding her. All she has to do is avoid batshit parents plus someone that high up the heirachy could really help.

  3. Dave Van Domelen says:

    Wow, poor Combover Flasher. That one barely even makes it on the radar, comparatively speaking.

  4. Liza says:

    I think marrying the child is a bad idea. The batshit parents would then become her in-laws, and would immediately start trying to run her life on the pretext of wanting what’s best for their baby. Plus, who knows what the kid would think when she grew older?

    And don’t marry someone you feel like stabbing 6 times. Of the current spread, I’d probably pick the rock star: rich, hot, and will be out of Rachel’s hair most of the time.

    Of course, we know that Rachel’s not going to marry any of these. She’s a Finder now–albeit a novice one– and that’s not so much about hunting things down as it is about letting the Universe find things for you. Between her, Jaeger and Jack, her spouse is as good as found.

  5. Inkthinker says:

    Someone refresh my memory, are all Llaveracs referred to as “she” regardless of physical gender?

    At any rate, by “constantly performing” I don’t think she means “constantly on the road or on the stage and so conveniently out of the way”, I think she means “constantly ON”, as in at dinner, watching TV, during sex, taking a shit, this person is CONSTANTLY “performing”.

    If you’ve never met a person like that (theater is full of ‘em) then it might be hard to understand, but that sort of personality is often difficult to deal with. It gets tiresome very quickly if you’re not “ON” with them.

  6. reptangle says:

    She is actually considering marring a baby… now it REALLY bothers me that a few of these drawings of Rachel remind me of Micheal Jackson.
    I think she should marry the one who will provide us with the best entertainment – and yes , this STILL makes it a hard choice!

  7. reptangle says:

    And I think that baby is already trouble. That hat , yech.

  8. Sooo…. I’m assuming these suitors are all biological males, with the Llaverac bio-engineered female-except-for-the-retractable-penis body type? I’m all for gay marriage, but it wouldn’t make sense from a dynastic viewpoint.

  9. Hacksaw says:

    Raymond Scott Quintette, BTW, is awesome.


  10. Kwesi K. says:

    Bowie…? I got more of a Laurie Anderson vibe from the first one.

    Anyone else read the “bad girl” on the previous page as Llaverac Lohan?

  11. thisfox says:

    For me, it would be a toss-up between baby and the too-hot. I mean, the baby means she gets space before the child grows up, and the too-hot will be mostly too-busy, plus… married to hotness is always a good thing. Many cultures marry children young. It doesn’t mean she’ll sleep with the adorable little thing until it’s the right age, you know.

    You got to remember this girl is marrying for money.

  12. matthew brandi says:

    If her parents are crazy & hope she’ll be queen some day, I wonder how old she is.

    Perhaps her development’s been artificially delayed, her life put on hold till her parents have iced more of those standing between her and the throne.

    Perhaps not all of her development’s been delayed by the same amount …

  13. tsukechick says:

    @Inkthinker – Yes, all Llaveracs use the feminine pronoun, regardless of true gender. (Lynne’s done a lot of struggling with this over the course of the comics, in his own way.) Which means, @Mike Crichton, that as far as we’ve been told, there’s no way for Rachel to know what gender her suitors truly are. It’s been mentioned several times throughout the comic that non-Llaveracs really just can’t tell, and that many have no idea if there ARE any Llaverac males at all. I think the clearest explanation we’ve had so far has been in Voice when Rachel has a gender talk with a friend from another clan. I can’t quote specifics until the book is published, but as I recall, it’s not so much anything that’s done to the boys as somehow the Llavarecs bred for feminine secondary sexual characteristics to the point that they all appear to be girls. (That doesn’t totally explain the penis-tuck though, so yeah, maybe some extra “help” was engineered into them at some point.)

    Anyway, I suppose it might be possible, and make a lot of sense, for the clan itself to have a clue, but there’s been no evidence of that so far. Heh, it reminds me of dwarves in Discworld. Besides, one could assume that even if she married another biological female, there are practices in place that would ensure children, from adoption to artificial insemination to consorts.

    And finally, I don’t think Rachel looks like Michael Jackson, but I can definitely see Laurie Anderson in Rockstar Suitor, too.

  14. reptangle says:

    No, Rachel doesn’t look anything like MJ, it was just the way she was drawn in panel two of the previous page… the way her hair was hanging straight down and her darkly rimmed eyes.

    Something I haven’t figured out yet… What does Rachel want??
    If she only cared about money, she wouldn’t care about anything else, but she does. It sounds like she wants this marriage to be the real deal. But she hasn’t found herself yet, I mean what are Rachel’s interests and talents? She seems to just be buffeted around by events and has no real direction.

  15. Oneiros says:

    I’d hope it’s not beyond a Finder’s means to find herself.

  16. Hacksaw says:

    @Oneiros: is she a finder? I can certainly see her on that path, but I take her main motivation is to use her position to gain enough wealth to support her family, especially Marcie.

    She wears the tattoo, but I’ve always seen that as an admiration both for the art of the tattoo, and of Jaeger.

    I think the Ascians of her household either don’t know about it, or put up with it for inscrutable or sneaky reasons.

    Or did I miss something?

  17. salvage says:

    Yeesh. Marry Llaverac Lohan or Llaverac Anderson, Rachel. Stay away from the baby, and stay FAR FAR away from that “stab six times” one, who looks like Llaverac Lynne.

  18. Hmpf says:

    There may have been some change in the concept of Llaverac marriage between Sin-Eater and now… In Sin-Eater, Rachel tells a friend that Llaverac’s are ‘anything goes’ for relationships, but marriage is usually male/female. (Her friend, incidentally, is a bit shocked by that, because she’s from a clan where marriage is strictly male/male or female/female. Since that clan continues to exist, it stands to reason that people in the world of Finder have ways to procreate without having to have heterosexual intercourse.)

  19. DB says:

    Does anyone else hear Cake’s “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” when looking at Ms. Competent I Will Stab Six Times?

  20. Oneiros says:

    Hmpf, it seems to me that there ARE males and females in the Llaverac clan, it’s just that they all LOOK like females, and the social manner is to refer to all of them as female. And apparently, it’s hard even for Rachel to tell which one of them is male and which is female. But even if their reproductive parts all resemble female (and who knows but Carla?), reproduction could still take place, as with birds, there is a oriface called a cloaca, which is not penetrative, which all birds possess (or at least most species), and the birds just put the two together for reproduction. It might go like that.

  21. tsukechick says:

    A cloaca is a combined anus-urethra-reproductive tract, and birds, reptiles and amphibians all have ‘em. Placental mammals evolved to divvy up these jobs (though the penis still does double-duty in men) so there’d have to have been a LOT of biological jiggery-pokery for Llavarecs to have regressed to a one-stop-shop between the legs.

    We saw in Voice that the er…tucking can be un-tucked, when that one competitor was pelvic-thrusting at the judge and there was a lot more going on in her leotard on the final thrust than before. The boys do have dangly-bits. Er, for a reference in a book that’s been published, on page 47 and 48 of Sin-Eater vol 2, Rachel has a talk with a friend from another clan about how Llavarecs work.

    Then again, She says they tuck up through “the wonders of science”, too, so there’s got to be jiggery-pokery of some sort going on!

  22. FuriousSterling says:

    It’s not “the wonders of science”, but there are tribes in New Guinea who invert their penis’, essentially pushing them up into their bodies, so it could be similar procedure for male Llaveracs.

  23. Dave Van Domelen says:

    It’s not so much that Rachel wants to marry for the money, as she NEEDS to marry for the money. At least a reasonable amount of money, to support herself and her (now rather extended) family.

    Within that restriction, there’s still plenty of suitors, so it’s not simply a matter of picking the richest one. Rachel would also like to be able to A) survive more than five months, B) not want to kill herself after five months. Love would probably be nice, but it’s a tertiary concern at best.

  24. Miguel Gonzalez says:

    Congrats to your success. All deserved by your talents

  25. Yseson says:

    Wow I have not read Finder in a long time, and I just checked in to see what’s going on. Torch looks great!

    As I recall Rachel’s friend who’s clan that has female/female, male/male marriages procreate male/female, however it’s only a function of reproduction.

    I dig the Bowie/Anderson Llaverac. It would seem that that crazy and rich is synonymous amongst their clan.

  26. Hmpf says:

    @ Oneiros: Yes, of course there are male Llaveracs. (I think you may have confused my comment with someone else’s, because I didn’t really talk about the question whether there were male Llaveracs – because it’s always seemed obvious to me that there were.)

    What I meant when I said that the concept of Llaverac marriage may have changed between Sin-Eater and today is that in Sin-Eater, Rachel makes it sound as if a Llaverac marriage is usually between a male and a female Llaverac, whereas now it seems that even Rachel herself does not know which sex her suitors are – so, obviously, in the world of Finder as CSM conceptualises it now, female Llaveracs may also consider marrying another female Llaverac, rather than a male. Or maybe it was always like that, and teenage Rachel just didn’t know her clan’s customs very well.

  27. reptangle says:

    @jessy “Rachel would have some space to sort herself out without another strong Llaverac personality crowding her”

    Hahaha Have you ever been around a two year old? OMG Can you imagine what an overindulged Llaverec princess two-year-old would be like?

  28. salvage says:

    By the way! I just got your Marvel Girl issue, saw Wolverine and Kitty Pryde bonding (not quite as poignantly as Rachel and Jaeger’s hug a few chapters back, but whatever), and squeed my fool head off in the local hipster comic store. IT’S CARLA SPEED MCNEIL, I tried to explain to the puzzled counter guy, SHE’S WRITING WOLVERINE. IT’S LIKE A WONDERFUL COMICS OUROBOROUS.

  29. Oneiros says:

    Whoa. Carla writing Wolverine. And drawing?

    Hmpf, I was misreading your post.

  30. salvage says:

    Facepalm, I mean Girl Comics features Carla Speed O’Neill *drawing* Wolverine and a super-Llaverac-looking Kitty Pryde. I’m used to her both writing and pencilling; and (probably incorrectly) when talking about author/illustrators I tend to say that they write their series rather than “she draws”. But still! Check it out. It’s mindblowing in a grand unified nerd theory way. :)

  31. salvage says:

    Carla…Speed…*McNeill*… wow, I’m just a nexus of fail today. :(

  32. Peter Tupper says:

    Ever since I read “Sin Eater”, I’ve wondered if Jaeger is CSM’s “strong misreading” (as Harold Bloom would put it) of Wolverine: rural guy with shady, violent background, regenerative abilities, quasi-parental/romantic relationships with much younger women, but removed from the genre restrictions of American superhero comics. More trickster than noble savage/brooding anti-hero.

  33. Oneiros says:

    Hacksaw, it seems the general consensus that Rachel is a newbie Finder at this point. Her point of initiation was the last storyline, called “Voice”, which I’m not sure you were able to read. “Voice” happened before this LightSpeedPress website got a WordPress makeover, so its pages were not preserved online. In “Voice”, Rachel seeks to win a spot in the Llaverac pageant so she can be entitled to the benefits of being part of the Llaverac clan. She needs a clan ring to do so, and hers gets stolen. She seeks Jaeger to help her find the ring, and in the process of that seeking, she becomes a Finder, putting that Finder tattoo pattern on her neck by the end of the storyline.

  34. jean says:

    re. tucking — contemporary humans of actual-Earth, c. 2010, can and do do this too, with no permanent effects and simply for visual/aesthetic purposes. there is a semi-hollow space back behind there whence the testicles descended: you simply tuck the whole package back & up, throw on a couple of tight pairs of panties, and you’re good to go!

  35. Minivet says:

    Hm. As I understand it, all the music and books we recognize in the Finderverse come from the Pastwatch Institute, rather than historical preservation. Panel 1 implies that they can be owned, i.e., people can get copyrights on them despite their age. Maybe Pastwatch auctions them off or something. But further and more important, if these franchises can be considered part of a “family fortune,” does that imply copyright term is perpetual here?

  36. Mordecai says:

    Reading back through, and I’m struck again by how phenomenally hot Candidate 2 is. (Ms. Stab Six Times? Ms. Hexapunct?) Perhaps it’s the combination of the expression and body language and powersuit with tails, with the cleavage and ultrafrilly corset? It’s like she’s precision engineered for people who like powerful women.

    (But: why can she wear the ultrafrilly corset in public without undermining her impression of competence? Does she only dress like that when around other Llaveracs, who have specifically Llaverac criteria? Is the business culture of Anvard such that “everyone who matters” knows how to “look at Llaveracs as Llaveracs do?”)

  37. Speed says:


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