“Torch” — Part VI, Page 9

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  1. reptangle says:

    Oh, so that is why Rachel was praying so hard that the “Pricey Breasts ” suitor was hot rich and male, that may of been the one of the last ones she had, to interview.

  2. Heldor says:

    Rachel’s looking pretty Jaeger-y in that first panel.

  3. Peter Tupper says:

    I’d go with Ms. Muscle Cougar.

  4. Oneiros says:

    The hot one doesn’t even look like a Llaverac to me.

  5. DB says:

    I was thinking the same thing—but it’s amazing how much difference hairstyle and angle of view can make, and I don’t recall many panels of other Llaveracs shown at the same angle to compare. She also might be just a thin hair on the right side of the line for conformation, I suppose.

  6. reptangle says:

    Why are all these rich, hot, semi hot and not hot Llaverecs unmarried? Why don’t they want to marry each other?
    Probably because each one has a pulsing red capital “T” for “Trouble” on their foreheads.

    I wish Rachel didn’t resemble Micheal Jackson in the second panel.

  7. Oneiros says:

    I have the feeling the hot one doesn’t look like a Llaverac, partly because she doesn’t want to. She “ruthlessly straightened” her hair, so Rachel thinks, and probably defies her Llaveracness in other ways. Rachel is not your typical Llaverac, but the hot one apparently takes her defiance of conformity to a much higher level, with her “badness”.

  8. Oneiros says:

    And it looks like the honey sucker has a meaningful tattoo like Rachel. Maybe they’re the ones meant for each other.

  9. Oneiros says:

    Wonder what the “P” stands for.

  10. reptangle says:

    I see that Ms. Cougar is wearing what looks like a clan ring around her neck-?
    So this leads me to thinking about how the ring system works; how are they passed down to offspring?… Rachel got her mother’s, originally, since only her mom was Llaverec, and only Rachel was suitable to try for membership ( though I still say Lynne would of made a fine candidate ) but when you have, say, two clan member parents who each have rings… which ring do the children inherit? …and if several siblings from the same clan member parents all are suitable to be accepted into the clan, how do they all get rings? Do the accepted kids get to have new ones made identical to the family ring?

    And how come complimentary conformation isn’t a criteria for pair bonding in this clan? You’d think there would be a service of match makers that offer optimal pairings for superior llaverec children.

  11. Liza says:


    Bachelor #1: Would probably be more in love with “Oriana” than with Rachel. Would she be OK with the Ascians? She might wake up one morning and say “Right. Get out. All of you.” On the other hand, if she _did_ get along with the Ascians, she might even take over hosting duties for Oriana. Perhaps late-night divinely-possessed orgies would be her thing.

    So this could work, if it doesn’t make Rachel drink herself to death even faster.

    Bachelor #2: I like her smouldering gaze, but Rae should tread carefully here. Much as she wants a daddy, the last thing she needs is to be under the thumb of another half-crazed mom.

    This suitor would probably approve of the Ascians, given the financial saving they represent for Rachel’s household. She would probably insist they be moved out of sight to servant’s quarters, though, and we saw in The Rescuers how well that situation could turn out.

    Wonder who’s on the next page?

  12. reptangle says:

    I can’t quite read what the cougar’s cup says…smerp?

  13. Oneiros says:

    Looks like “smerp” to me, too. According to the Urban Dictionary, smerp means “a soundful and continuous kiss”.

  14. reptangle says:

    OOH… That IS what is says, then!
    ( ick! )

  15. Oneiros says:

    If you are to regard the online Urban Dictionary as authoritative. But, that lipstick imprint on the mug IS awfully thick.

  16. Oneiros says:

    Bachelor #1: Would probably be more in love with “Oriana” than with Rachel.

    I recently came across a quote by Rita Hayworth: “Every man I have ever known fell in love with Gilda and awakened with me.”

  17. K.L. Droscha says:

    Soooo…does anyone know what the tiny print next to bachlorette #1 says? It seems like it says something about the hair being straightened, but it is blurry on my pc….

  18. Oneiros says:

    I believe it says “Hair ruthlessly straightened”.

  19. Desdemona says:

    I totally think Rachel does look Jaeger-y because they’re totally kindred and kind of mirrors of each other. But, thats just my opinion and I am probably way stupidly off. I love how kindred they are, personally.

  20. Twitch says:

    (the half-smirk and the hair framing her face in the way it typically frames Jaeger’s don’t hurt neither :) )

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