“Torch” — Part VI, Page 6

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  1. matthew brandi says:

    “… the price of all things and the value of …”

    Augmented reality — ech!



  2. jollygoth says:

    Wow this is totally a psa page isn’t it! “Don’t download and surf the web when your hung over.”

  3. Twitch says:

    *Her* head’s full of noise?

    Imagine what Jack is going through right now. o_0

  4. Liza says:

    $220 for a cup of tea?
    Or a teacup?
    Or a whole tea set?

    That had better be one *fine* teacup is all I’m saying.

  5. Oneiros says:

    Might partly be from inflation.

  6. matthew brandi says:

    All bets are off as to the value of a dollar, … though the prices may have been translated into C21 USD for your benefit!

    (Similarly with the language: do these people really speak ‘modern English’? The resurrected C19 types are no guide: they think they’re speaking C19 English, but …)

  7. Jessy says:

    I wonder if those prices are a product of her overtired mind and her interface or something that her new ‘beau’ has done, like a hack in to her jack to impress and obfuscate her at the same time there fore using it as a lynch to get her to marry…her

  8. matthew brandi says:

    Reptangle: that is one sexy teacup, … and you get the saucer, too, right?

  9. reptangle says:

    Yeah , but no tea.

  10. Liza says:

    No tea!?!? Deal’s off!

  11. I’m guessing it’s Jack’s doing, or Orianna’s – possibly by way of the booze …

  12. Jessy says:

    Like now that she the physical manifestation of the goddess of wealth all she can see is the wealth of those around her? not nice but gotta be better than what happened to Ayo in Dream Sequence, where his jack interfered with his peception of the world around him because he was using it when he wasn’t properly rested.

  13. Oneiros says:

    I suspect Rachel does this for a long time now, just that Speed is choosing this scene to show it.

  14. reptangle says:

    Maybe this is an app in this person”s house! Saves guests the trouble of secretly tapping on stuff to see if it is real or cast resin. Not that I ever do that.

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