“Torch” — Part VI, Page 5

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  1. thisfox says:

    Heheheh. Must be so difficult when one can’t tell.

  2. tsukechick says:

    Is that a sweater vest AND a regular vest? RACHEL, MARRY HIM AT ONCE.

    Wait, is this one of the Llavarics from the bus from Voice? The ones talking about real estate?

  3. reptangle says:

    Who is Rachel praying to?? Orianna?

  4. Inkthinker says:

    Generalized, nonfocused prayer is common enough today…

    She don’t ask for much, huh?

  5. Hmpf says:

    Oh Rachel. So inconveniently monosexual…

  6. Twitch says:

    Why did she want to get into this clan again? XP

  7. MrFrisky says:

    Waidaminnit . . .

    Is that a llavarec with male pattern baldness?!?

  8. reptangle says:

    Rachael didn’t remember to pray for “young “.
    Yes, it looks like male pattern baldness, but I’m betting that one is female. It seems that the Llaverec males tend to be more flamboyant and more likely to deck themselves out in a way to proudly display their female-like components, while the mature, settled Llaverec females seem dress in a more low key manner. Emma and Emma’s mother, for example, dress pretty much like normal folks.
    No reason that every Llaverec isn’t an individual though , even if they look alike.

    I supposed that the two Llaverecs on the bus were an old married couple, since they were talking about their child. If so, this probably wouldn’t be one of those two.

  9. Alannaeowyn says:

    Alter and Altmann were in real estate. I believe this one’s an accountant.

    You know, judging from her lineup later on, I don’t think Rae necessarily files “hot” under “young.”

    @Twitch: Y’know, my thoughts exactly! But she needs to be in a clan, and I guess this one’s the only option…..Seriously, though, I’d rather be Medawar or something. Anything but Lllaverac. The drama may be fun sometimes, but I like masculine men too! (My body type is more Medawar, as well……..If I was Llaverac I would definitely be culled.)

  10. Jessy says:

    I think its down to the individual Llaverac as how flamboyantly female they appear. the catchword for the clan is ambiguity and drama, it would be typical if this person enjoyed the are they arent they response they would recieved from out of clan people. Also appearing more male might be and advantage when your work means you have to deal with other clans who might be more patriarchal.(remember Lord “Rhod” the clan judge?)

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