“Torch” — Part VI, Page 4

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  1. reptangle says:

    Cattiness not sexy ? Imagine that!
    There is that disembodied voice again…kinda like on page 39
    Are the Anvard Poperotsi are after her?

  2. MrFrisky says:

    Maybe it’s only because I’m taking dance classes four days a week, but her sad little jazzersize unitard causes me such affection for the poor little lady . . .

  3. I think it’s whoever sent a blur to her party and has been photographing/mindfuzzing Jaeger and the other Ascians – and since this series is supposed to be starting to resolve some major plotlines, whoever sent the blur to her party may have sent the blurs who used to beat up Jaeger’s dad. This could be all some Llaverac spying-on-prospective-wives thing like the home-invading nurse robot; but it could be the same nefarious agency that was so concerned about its investment in Jaeger when he was little – that is, whoever conducted the experiment to give Jaeger his health regeneration abilities. My question is, will Jaeger find them/start to find them by the end of this book, and when is their ultimate exposure and downfall to be?

  4. And who are they? Jaeger averts villainy, eventually catches every killer in sight. But who are the villains this time?

  5. Liza says:

    I’m pretty sure the voiceover is her security team, whether or not it’s still headed by Jack.

  6. tsukechick says:

    Huh, I assumed the voiceover was more of our artistic friend, but it puts an interesting spin on things if it’s the Ascians. It seems a little bit too savvy of the Llavarec aspects of her activities, though. Thus far the Ascians have been baffled by everything Llavarec.

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