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  1. matthew brandi says:

    Of course, Speed quotes the scariest bit of Kim Gannon’s lyric (no PMRC in 1940), but you may be relieved to hear that the horror is accompanied by the twice repeated:

    This introduction to an angel
    Is more than thrilling, it leaves me shy
    But in as much as you’re an angel
    I’m more than willing to teach my timid heart to fly

    Me? I’d run a mile!

  2. Speed says:

    Hell, I was quoting Sylvester from that Looney Tunes cartoon where he’s out singing show tunes behind Elmer Fudd’s house. It’s one of those songs that pops up in old cartoons a lot. Who knew the rest of the lyrics were so freaky?

  3. matthew brandi says:

    I’m sorry, the rest of the lyrics are so freaky?

    The mutilate your lover to possess him (or indeed, her) bit is just plain normal.

    Oh, wait. What am I saying? It is! ;)

  4. Oneiros says:

    I wonder if Hau will come to that point with her winged cat. Will the winged cat be a metaphor for Rachel? Poor girl.

  5. K.L. Droscha says:

    Ha ha. I think I feel the same as Rachel is portrayed in this picture; in need of coffee.

  6. Oneiros says:

    Well, I guess all codependence in exclusive relationships behaves that way and is so common as to be normal. Someone once told me there’s SOME codependence (and therefore possession) to EVERY intimate relationship. Ain’t exactly healthy-sounding when you put it like the way it’s put in the song here. Hey, there’s a lot of that in romantic stories and relationship. The story of the Gift of the Magi. I think of something as trifling as the Superman movie where Superman gives up his powers to be Lois’ significant other. Sometimes we cut off our own wings to be with someone, for the sake of love. Sometimes I guess the value of what we have is measured by what we give up for it.

    But yes, I do find relief that other parts of the song say the speaker is willing to learn how to fly. That way, they can fly together.

  7. Inkthinker says:

    Hell, I was quoting Sylvester from that Looney Tunes cartoon where he’s out singing show tunes behind Elmer Fudd’s house.

    “Back Alley Uproar”, 1948.


    Good taste!

  8. matthew brandi says:

    Cutting off one’s own wings.

    Cutting off the so-called loved one’s wings.

    Really not the same.

  9. Oneiros says:

    No, it’s not the same. Me with my fuzzy sloppy thinking couldn’t think of a proper example. The notable examples are for me the nobler ones, I guess.

  10. reptangle says:

    How is it possible I have never seen that cartoon before???
    It’s a good one!

    (Oh, and I know I always go on about the missing neck tattoo, but I won’t say anything about it this time. Honest.)

  11. Twitch says:

    I always thought it was just a choker necklace, did Carla ever settle that?

  12. Twitch says:

    Keep in mind the song comes from a 1940 flick where a woman recognizes one of the guests at her mother’s boarding house as a gangster on the lam after shooting a cop.

    I haven’t seen said film, but it would not surprise me if there were sarcasm and/or important context involved :)

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