“Torch” — Part VI, Page 1

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  1. matthew brandi says:

    In the world of weirdheads, this is blackface minstrelsy?

    And in competition, too–so tasteful!

  2. Oneiros says:

    I like your parallel, Matthew! Good call! :)

  3. reptangle says:

    The tiger has a very masculine hand.

  4. pencilears says:

    so, is this a whores-with-numbers-on-them homage to Templar Arizona’s last cover? http://templaraz.com/?p=1298

    if so that’s pretty awesome.

  5. Owlmirror says:

    Wouldn’t it be amusing if the tiger-girl was actually a construct wearing a human face-mask, gloves with a padded extra finger, and fake-looking padding covering her tail?

    Think Victor/Victoria…

  6. Jumping the gun dept.:

    Rachel is going to marry her _runner-up?_

    … well, all right then!

  7. reptangle says:

    Wow, I did not notice the little heart between them!

  8. reptangle says:

    Is the tiger face a mask? It looks … stiff, as if the lips of the wearer are showing through a cut-out smile.
    Aha, blue eyes… that’s a cull. Hope he’s rich.

  9. reptangle says:

    And if that’s Rachel, her neck tattoo is missing again.
    ( Since I can barely tell one Llaverec from another, I cling to this sort of hint to identify characters!)

  10. Speed says:

    Not Rachel.

    Brown eyes, green contacts. Face paint, no Botox. She’s just got a lot of baby fat and has been trained not to have too much expression on her face.

    Famous short story… about a choice..? Maybe I’m being too oblique.

  11. Oneiros says:

    Oh! The Lady and the Tiger! Read that in middle school! :)

  12. Oneiros says:

    The Lady OR the Tiger, rather.

  13. Peter Tupper says:

    Maybe the person on the right is a construct who has tiger-stripe fur, but is wearing a fake tail and cat ears (and covering her human-style ears) in order to look more like people’s idea of what a construct should look like as a sex worker.

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