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  1. Inkthinker says:

    Ohhh… that can’t be good.

  2. Mom, I’m scared of the scary man!!!

    Although this could be mad ol’ Jackdaw humor and he’s on top of it…

  3. Oh, dear Lord, he’s turned into Warren Ellis.

  4. Oneiros says:

    Oh, shit.

    Des, I do hope with you that it’s an act.

  5. tsukechick says:


    …Okay, I’m done now. And totally fascinated by where all this is going! Great gravy, let’s hope his father doesn’t kill him when he gets home…

  6. Peter Tupper says:

    My god, he’s turned into Warren Ellis!

  7. Owlmirror says:

    OK, this.

    This is maybe why Laeske biotech maybe isn’t so popular.

    WARNING: Side effects may include fever, sweating, cramps, muscle spasms, euphoria, vertigo, abnormal hair growth, full or partial paralysis, full or partial aphasia, megalomania, delusions of grandeur, and/or delusions of being an Elder God. Do not operate heavy machinery while using Laeske biotech. Do not handle weapons while using Laeske biotech.

  8. Oneiros says:

    A few months ago, I had a dream about a headless monster with grey tentacles. It was educational. Not exactly Cthulu, but perhaps reminiscent.

  9. JollyGoth says:

    Wow. An Elder God? Really? Man that biotech is tough on the brain meats. I wonder if Jack knows about Cthulu or just is now filled with the insanity? Either way I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  10. Inkthinker says:

    One thing seems sure; Jack’s not going to be able to hide this, at least not for long. Especially if those nodes appear to light up when they kick in.

    Chief Coward has forbidden invasive tech. What’s the consequence of just, within days, clearly kicking the chief’s commandment squa’ inna juevos?

  11. reptangle says:

    I am not sure if Coward said anything about head lights, just no machine tech that made other machines and things that go “beep”. Being partially digested and re-engineered by Laeske a throat blob may get around the definition of an “abomination “.
    Like crawling through the sewer can get you around a traffic jam.

  12. Anyway, Cthulhu dreams, he doesn’t reign. And when he wakes up and stops dreaming, he’ll be too busy world-devouring, which is to say that nobody bothers to reign over individual rainbow sprinkles on their cookie. But I forgive Jack his error because he’s probably getting the Cthulhu reference from the Finderverse version of Wikipedia, which (I’m guessing) is now a large fraction of his total long-term memory.

    I think he’s correct, though – Jack is now godspoken, it’s just a manmade god. It’s all a plot by Eulalia-or-whatever-her-name-is-I’m-blanking-on-it-and-won’t-check, Jack and Rachel are going to bump uglies and it will be the marriage of – ORIANA – got it – and the interwebs, the cosmic union of wealth and digital porn – and reality will never be the same.

  13. Owlmirror says:

    Chief Coward has forbidden invasive tech.

    I still say that what was forbidden, and what Jack got, can be argued as being distinct types of technology. Coward abominated brain-interface electronics, not biotechnology.

    Or in other words, Jack might be keeping to the strict letter of the law while blatantly flouting the spirit.

    (Which might even be what the chief was trying to manipulate him into doing.)

    We will no doubt see what we shall see.

  14. Owlmirror says:

    Yanno, this could just be a trick of the lines…

    But in panel one, to the left and right of Jack’s head, in the rear of the shroud, there are small oval things — maybe just knots — that look vaguely like eyes in the shroud material.


  15. Liza says:

    Oh man. He’s going to end up with a headful of cybertentacles like Emma and Maghri…

    (Off-topic: Dark Horse! Dark Horse! The thoroughbred of WIN.)

  16. MadnessGoLightly says:

    Looks like wireless signal measuring lights to me. :D

    Cybertentacles are SOOOOOO last decade. Bluetooth’s where it’s at, baby!

  17. Oneiros says:

    I wonder if it’s significant that Jack has those buttons on the back of his neck, in a location close to where Jaeger currently has his horned finder pattern.

    And, Jackthulu, if you really see all, why do you need to ask where all your friends are? I guess you CAN see more after you push your own buttons…

  18. matthew says:

    In the great Venn diagram of Speed’s conception, why suppose that there’s not a well-stocked intersection of biotechnology and electronics?

  19. reptangle says:

    @ Owlmirror -Oh yeah ! I see the ovals you are talking about, not the spots on his neck ; the small ovals in the first panel next to Jack’s fingers. They do seem to indicate something stretchy and eyelike in the shroud!

  20. reptangle says:

    ( -what was that about Dark Horse? As in comic publishing?)

  21. Oneiros says:

    I thought those ovals were shapes that Jack’s hair happened to make.

  22. Owlmirror says:

    ( -what was that about Dark Horse? As in comic publishing?)

    Yes! Google is your friend:


    I thought those ovals were shapes that Jack’s hair happened to make.

    Looking closer and more carefully — I think you’re right. So it is just a trick of the lines.

    Oh, well.

  23. Oneiros says:

    “I am not sure if Coward said anything about head lights, just no machine tech that made other machines and things that go “beep”.”

    Actually, I think it was Rachel/Oriana that added the thing about the “beep” or “beepitybeep”. I think Coward only said that what was abominated was machines made by other machines. I which case Jack is in the clear.

  24. Jack’d be in the clear if he weren’t using machines made by other machines – but his headhack, biological or not, is for the express purpose of letting him use a computer system, one which I think we’ll find he can’t _stop_ using. And what happens when he has to move out of WiFi range – out of the city, perhaps? Or if the system shuts down, or if some evil corp starts charging him for access? Junkie city, man. He’s going to be Jaeger’s munkyland/blur nemesis faster than Coward can say i told you so.

  25. matthew says:

    “In addition to collecting the previous material, Dark Horse will publish new Finder stories in full color in a new version of Dark Horse Presents, their anthology showcase.”


    What next, a Giorgio Moroder soundtrack?

  26. Liza says:

    Actually, I was thinking Philip Glass.

    Don’t fret. When has Finder ever not looked lovely? I’m sure the new colour stories will be no exception.

  27. reptangle says:

    Finder Published by Dark horse?? Oh my god!! That’s WONDERFUL!!! Full color?

    -Somebody is going to have to learn to use photo shop at some point here…

    Finder is .. ulp… going to be a MAINSTREAM comic?
    The movie next!

  28. matthew says:

    Liza, you must bear in mind that I’m the kind of freak who thinks that stereo was just a way to sell us twice as many speakers … and wires … and amplifier channels.

    I still haven’t learned to love colour television.

  29. matthew says:

    As for the Philip Glass soundtrack to Metropolis, please tell me you made that up.

  30. Liza says:

    As far as I know, he hasn’t done a soundtrack to Metropolis– but he has done two quite good soundtracks for old silent films: “Dracula” and “La Belle et la Bête.”

    I think Philip Glass would do a good soundtrack to parts of Finder. the lovely ambient sound ensemble In The Nursery would probably do well too.

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