“Torch” — Part V, Page 50

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  1. thisfox says:

    He complains too darn much.
    I’m glad we’re returning to Jack, I’m really quite interested in what he’s turning into. Hope it’s not a “hand me a mirror” and maniacal laughter moment….

  2. Beebo says:

    Ooh, look, hands, fingers… lots of wibbly fingers. Is my hair auburn? Damn!

    Wrong show!

  3. K.L. Droscha says:

    So, is our artist Medina? Medina has appeared quite a few times before in the Finder books, as a tour guide, explaining the first blink that starts the Carnival season, etc….She always wears those visors when she is on the big screens, which makes me think our musician may be her ….”Members of her clan are very long-lived, and are as such de facto historians” . How about cultivating a cold forest for over a century… is THAT long lived? Ha ha…Not to mention that spiked earring, collar and coat… :)

  4. reptangle says:

    I keep thinking how nice a hot shower would feel after this.

  5. Oneiros says:

    Yes, the lutenist looks like Medina. Speed seems to make a point of pointing out that connection.

    Is he so out of it that he’s talking into a universal remote instead of his usual transponder?

  6. A.Beth says:

    There is something beautiful about that third panel.

    (Are we sure his usual transponder didn’t used to be a universal remote?)

  7. Twitch says:

    Looks like Jack’s water just broke. Hrm.

  8. Hang on – she’s adjusting what looks like a head-jack before she puts on the goggles – whose earpiece would easily reach the head-jack. She may be looking at Aahsef with dubiety (was I really thinking of sleeping with _that_?) or rueful pity (what a poor creature – ugh!) but that could also be a shifty look – are those goggles, popular with Milo clan historians and documentarians, perhaps a type of movie camera?

  9. Oh, wait, it’s an earring, like they said above. Okay, forget it.

    [... no 'delete' button, why is there no ... ]

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