“Torch” — Part V, Page 42

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  1. thisfox says:

    What the…..

    Why do I get the idea that she’s about to find out what the security is actually like?

  2. Tamren says:

    Isn’t that a piece of the “unbreakable internal lattice”. You know, the one holding up the entire city? This does not bode well.

  3. That’s not a her, that’s Kemet! And those are the science drones that zip in to study fallen bits of the mysterious hi-tech dome before they disintegrate. For an event which only happens maybe once a year, it sure does seem to happen a lot around Ascians. What if it’s speeding up and Anvard is due for total collapse? It’d be freaky-scary if in some panel people looked up and there were bird circles around _everything_ the moment before the crash, or if we got our first full view of the dome from outside since book ! but there were ten humongous birds flying around it in a circle!

    Or, um, no, but anyway this is Kemet who was interviewing Dr. Shar. His face looks different sans glasses and speaker tube, and especially seen from below – that’s a really cool drawing of his face in Panel 2.

  4. Owlmirror says:

    Going by Sin-Eater V1, pg 13, panel 6, there should be a van marked “Rapid Research” pulling up very shortly.

    How much time in advance do the early warning bird circles show up before whatever it is they are warning about breaks? Days? Hours? Minutes? Do more birds mean that the thing is closer to failure?

    Isn’t that a piece of the “unbreakable internal lattice”. You know, the one holding up the entire city?

    I got the impression from Part III, pg 29/pg 88 of the total that the lattice was itself dome-shaped; something for the outer skin to wrap around as an additional layer.

    But I may be misinterpreting what I’m seeing there, or on the page above.

    And if it’s not part of the dome structure, why would the Rapid Researchers be so interested in it?

  5. Owlmirror says:

    Sudden additional thoughts:

    On Part III, pg 30/pg 89 of the total Jack mentions that he’s using the superstructure to transmit to/hear back from his friends. ¹

    Could something about that be causing some tiny little additional unexpected stress to the superstructure that might be what triggered the break that nearly clunked Kemet? ²

    Or maybe Ahsef left the channel open while interviewing the violinist, and she inadvertently hit a resonant frequency?

    Alternatively, could the digging/erosion that exposes the dome superstructure that allows Jack to hook up his comm system in the first place be causing a physical strain?

    1: Hm; he says that they can’t talk to each other, only to him. All they need is a switchboard or channel broadcaster instead of that antiquated stone-knives-and-bearskins manual channel selector thingamajig. Pinya could probably hack one up easily.

    2: Jack says they’re the only one using the superstructure to communicate… maybe because everyone else instinctively shies away from messing with the structure literally keeping the roof over their heads?

  6. Jolly goth says:

    Wow I gotta say when a thousand year old structure starts to fall apart and black birds (never a good omen) start to circle the $hit is about to hit the fan. Frankly I figured any day now the good scribe McNiel would use the plot device of having the dome finally fall apart and people having to find a new way to live. It’s classic and always good for some drama!

  7. pencilears says:

    that looks much to small to be the actual super-structure.
    I’m betting it’s one of the things (or supporting something) built on top/underneath/around the original dome.

    that exposed superstructure pike looked pretty huge back in the basement.

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