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  1. reptangle says:

    A dress code in your own house…that will cramp Raes style a little.

  2. Oneiros says:

    Given that most, if not all, of the men have “carnally known” Rachel, or more specifically her goddess state, Oriana, this puts an interesting look into the possessive or jealous ways sometimes people take with their relationships with their deities.

  3. Brendan says:

    “Carnally known?” Really? Call me naive, but I got the impression she was dancing for them and giving possessed dictates, not orgies.

  4. Drooling Fan Girl says:

    Awesome. And she’s a finder since when I wonder… When did her neck get marked.

    Note to self back trail this….

  5. She told Jaeger once she does the Finder mark herself in magic marker … now that she’s a Llaverac Duchess she probably has someone in to do it (it’s also hard to get the back of your own neck) – I’d be fascinated if she actually had herself tatooed that way, am I right in assuming that’s henna or something?

    Since being a Llaverac is so incredibly brutal (the arranged marriage, Rosie the Robot, and (I hate to say this) Emma), what if she just went completely Ascian? They seem to be letting her in a bit here … Of course drinking yourself to death to manifest their Goddess is also a bit brutal but maybe they’ll figure something out in the “women’s kitchen” … Jack goes llaverac and Rachel goes ascian?

    Finder in a nutshell: 1) life is brutal 2) stop whining 3) and DO YOUR CHORES!

    Or not.

  6. Oh, but I think Speed decided Rachel was a Finder at the end of A Voice – that “Seek and ye shall find” motto was a giveaway, and she found (with Coward’s and Oriana’s help) her way into the Llaverac nobility.

  7. Liza says:

    She’s had the tattoo since the end of Voice. I can’t go back and check, but I think that it was there when she woke up after the Ascian party covered in money with the clan ring mysteriously returned/replaced. It was certainly there when she appeared in the Llaverac pageant that evening.

    If it was done while she was unconscious, I’m pointing the finger at Coward.

  8. Owlmirror says:

    The first she has the Finder neck decoration (not sure if it’s at that point it’s a permanent tattoo or henna or mascara or felt-tip or what), is on the stage as one of the finalists. Actually, it’s probably not a perm tattoo at that point, since the process would have taken too long and left the surrounding flesh all raw and sore.

    When she leaves the party wearing the money-dress, she seems to be wearing some sort of choker necklace, but that’s all it is.

  9. Oneiros says:

    “with the clan ring mysteriously returned/replaced”

    Small point – recall that the ring that was stolen from Rachel was not the same ring that Rachel found on her finger when she woke up. At least it was my impression that what was put on her finger was some out-of-date ring or something of some controversy or something that was good enough to get her into the pageant, with a little arm-twisting or something.

  10. Shit, you’re right! And Coward could have made her one officially – he’s in the club! Here’s a question – the money-dress strongly suggests that’s her first Orianna blackout. When Rachel asks if Coward set the whole ring thing up, the men respond: she thinks a chief is a god! Well if it’d take a god to set that up, what about (somehow) Orianna?

  11. Owlmirror says:

    The ring that Rachel found belonged to a line that had died without further heirs centuries earlier. She hadn’t even noticed that it was different from her own ring. Lord Rod pretty much confiscated it.

    She had to basically blackmail her way into being accepted in a desperate last-ditch attempt — and it worked, and the ring was tossed back to her.

  12. So who stole Rachel’s ring?

    At the Ascian wake, before she blacked out and made her bargain for the replacement ring, Rachel expressed the suspicion that Coward had had her old ring stolen in the first place – it was, after all, two of Coward’s own men (the ones the wake was for) who had frightened her and Marcie into getting off the lift at the precise stop where their mugger was waiting (leading to Rachel’s phone call to the police, and the presence of the two young men as the occasion for the wake).

    It seems too likely for coincidence that the mugger and the two young men were in league, and since Coward does so well out of it, one wants to suspect (as Rachel does) that they were all working for Coward. Then again, departing Munkyland we saw how good Coward is at improvising profit out of chaos he didn’t directly create.

    But if so, then what happened to her stolen ring in the meantime that he wound up giving her the lost antique that she had such a hard time getting past Lord Rod? Would Coward have given her the replacement if he’d (still) had her own ring? Well, possibly her choice of antique had something to do with her becoming not just a knight but a duchess – in the last panel of A Voice, in her new ducal mansion, she collapses on a bed displaying the same crest as the ring, though that’s probably meant to be a coincidence, the duchy seems to have just been the first-place prize for most daringly goth-girl-money-dress-finder-pattern-tatoo-ish contestant. Then again, it’s what Rachel has learned and become in her struggles that have given her the daring that eventually wins over the judges, and getting the old ring by Rod might be her final test of initiation, not just as a full Llaverac but also (if that neck tattoo indeed means all that it could) as an actual initiated Finder. So maybe he still has the ring but wanted her to have to use the old one.

    Coward is pretty sneaky – he’s a Finder too, and arguably a craftier one than Jaeger is, since when he sets Jaeger in motion in Munkyland, it’s him that comes out with any profit.

    Or maybe Coward never saw Rachel’s original ring. If the mugger was in league with Coward’s two young men, he was most likely another of Coward’s people (the tribe being so isolated in the city, and too suspicious of outsiders as to trust something like that to them) – There’s lots of ways the ring could have failed to reach Coward – for all we know Lynne actually killed the mugger when getting back Marcies purse, and if he didn’t, he might have taken the ring himself and tossed it in the river, to spite Rachel.

    I like the idea of Coward on his own parallel Finder’s quest to come up with a replacement ring in a hurry because his agents have lost Rachel’s actual ring and he needs something to give her to make up for it.

    ergo, JACK WAS THE MUGGER as will be revealed in the final chapter of Torch! His new head-jack will bring him back into contact with Lynne, who will be the archvillain of Torch II and Torch III! And the space-aliens we’ve been seeing in “blur camouflage” will finally activate their massive city-saucers (Anvard and Javecek) and the rest of the series will involve Jaeger leading his people, nerd and Ascian alike, in a daring escape back to ground level before the ships reach orbit!

    I mean, obviously!

  13. The above (in addition to being really long) is written in very convoluted and near-unreadable language, so apologies for all that, and ignoring it is of course really fine.

  14. Final thought (apologies) – Coward doesn’t have either ring, but during Rachel’s blackout at the wake (Orianna’s first incarnation through her) tells everybody where the replacement ring can be found and they go and get it. If Orianna isn’t just an advisor god, and she can actually manipulate events directly, then maybe _she_ got all this rolling so she could have a rich white girl to incarnate through.

  15. Owlmirror says:

    FWIW, given that I cannot read Speed’s mind…

    I don’t think being a Finder works on the level of such blatant and deliberate manipulation as telling someone “Go to this place and hit this girl and steal her ring”. If Coward is able to know the future to that level of detail, there are a hell of a lot less convoluted ways to achieve the general goal of helping his people.

    No, the admittedly vague sense I get is that it’s all about willpower and synchronicity; about getting in tune with fate, or perhaps rather, Fate. Coward wanted to help his people; Rachel wanted to find a future as someone in the Llaverac clan. The story in Voice resulted from their desires and destinies entwining.

    Note that Fate — if that is what it is — is not nice, in the Finderverse. If Rachel had not been filled with guilt over the deaths she inadvertently contributed to, would she have stayed at the wake? Would there even have been a wake to catch her attention? Would she have gotten blind drunk?

    I’m not sure if Orianna is “real” enough to be manipulating events on her own. I still have the sense that she’s the product of Rachel’s subconscious and Coward’s more conscious manipulations of her.

    And if she is real, she doesn’t seem to be intellectual enough and independent enough to have pulled off the sequence of events that led Rachel to the Ascians.

    I think the second ring was something that the Ascians had gotten hold of at some point in the distant past, which just helped tie their fates and Rachel’s fate together. It would be… interesting if it turned out to have been part of the Nyima king’s treasure that somehow fell to Chief Coward, but that’s even more speculative than anything else above.

    Again, I reserve the right to be wrong, pending revelation from Speed (which I suspect we will not get).

  16. Oneiros says:

    Brendan, I think you missed or forgot this page:


  17. Oneiros says:

    “Here’s a question – the money-dress strongly suggests that’s her first Orianna blackout.”

    Interesting argument, Des. My impression, though, is that Oriana came out during that panel during the post-party dance where it says “I am wealth.” There was no mention of Oriana until after that point.

    The wake blackout seems to just be the first point where Rachel and Coward’s paths crossed and Coward saw an opportunity.

    But to what degree did Coward orchestrate Rachel’s circumstances in Voice? Was he involved in the mugging? Good question. I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t put it past Coward, either.

  18. Oneiros says:

    “ergo, JACK WAS THE MUGGER as will be revealed in the final chapter of Torch! His new head-jack will bring him back into contact with Lynne, who will be the archvillain of Torch II and Torch III! And the space-aliens we’ve been seeing in “blur camouflage” will finally activate their massive city-saucers (Anvard and Javecek) and the rest of the series will involve Jaeger leading his people, nerd and Ascian alike, in a daring escape back to ground level before the ships reach orbit!”

    You’re funny, Des. Such a dork. I nominate you as number one Speedfreak. However, the special designation for number one Speedfreak might well could be the “Speedo” label you were so gung ho about.

  19. Oneiros says:

    “with the clan ring mysteriously returned/replaced”

    Liza, on second look, I really didn’t need to make that small point. You did have the word “replaced” there, to accomodate the ring being replaced by another. But what neat feedback it generated!

  20. reptangle says:

    I suspect that Lynne took the original ring. Remember when s/he punched out the mugger -and only returned Marcie’s purse?

  21. Liza says:

    No worries, Oneiros — I too have enjoyed watching the theories unfold.

    Also, I have enjoyed the four tiny bare feet emerging from the last panel.

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