“Torch” — Part V, Page 31

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  1. Rachael says:

    I adore the last panel!

  2. Oneiros says:

    Hehe! And over the top he goes at the slightest note from that one! That Ascian guy is himself a finely tuned and sensitive instrument!

  3. Hmpf says:

    The power of Art. :D

  4. Please check the “Serious Cleanup” page for discussion of the new $2.00 tip jar (please note: it’s a measly two bucks) including simple instructions on how to get around the limit and flood Speed with unwanted cash.

  5. Be like Ahsef! Spend freely when the art hits you!

  6. Actually, that metaphor is a tad unfortunate … um …

  7. comingstorm says:

    Heh, nice catch!

  8. MrFrisky says:

    Neck caught perfectly in the crook of foot and ankle?

    She’s done this before . . .

  9. Oneiros says:

    I don’t see a laptop in a book beeping, here.

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