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  1. Morality_play says:

    Rigid glaze? You know, I’ve just started examining musical instruments for possible construction details to transfer to buildings. This sounds promising. I’ll investigate. I love her little desktop pressure mold tool.

    When will we see some more genegineered buildings? I’ve been missing the grass house.

  2. Oneiros says:

    “her little desktop pressure mold tool”? You mean that box with the dial in the third panel? I was figuring the dial indicated that the box had a humidity control to preserve the violin, like a humidor. I don’t think a violin needs a particular pressure to preserve it.

  3. Oneiros says:

    Whoa, what the heck happened there? I posted my comment, and then a Vicodin ad took over the browser window.

  4. I got the same thing right now after posting to page 29 – I’ve taken a screenshot of it and (for Speed’s and Zan’s convenience) posted it at http://www.despicablemusic.org/VicodinAndSpeed.bmp, Get it? Vicodin and Speed? Get it? Har har har! Anyhow the screenshot is up at that URL, for anyone wanting to fix the website, or buy vicodin at less than cost.

  5. Morality_play says:

    Oneiros says:”You mean that box with the dial in the third panel? I was figuring the dial indicated that the box had a humidity control to preserve the violin”

    Ah. Like a humidor box? I suppose that makes sense. I interpreted her as a craftsman because of the sheer number of violins. The box reminded me of a vacuum mold. You can steam bend wood into compound curves. I was struck by the notion that this must be how you make violins. But my investigation uncovered that a violins body is arched by carving.

    But what about the rigid glaze?

  6. reptangle says:

    Violins don’t have glaze , they have varnish.

  7. reptangle says:

    WHOO HOO ! I got Vicodin too!!

  8. reptangle says:

    WHOO HOO! I got a Vicodin ad too!!

  9. Sly says:

    The dial thing is probably a humidity indicator. although usually this is inside the violin case. Most of my friends with nicer cases than mine have one, since wild swings in humidity affect the sound and could even damage the instrument.

  10. Oneiros says:


    I don’t know if you really want to know about the rigid glaze (or varnish as reptangle says). The violinist is saying it’s a bad thing, or at least a constraining thing for the first violin she played. The addition of cracks or “crackles” apparently add flexibility to the violin so that its tone improves. Sounds like rigidity doesn’t make for a rich sounding violin, but makes for perhaps a flat sound.

  11. zan says:

    Ack! I’m updating the site’s WordPress installation and investigating. Nefariousness will not be tolerated!

  12. zan says:

    I’ve backed-up and cleared the site, then made an update to the newest WordPress version and restored the comics and other files. Please let me know if you see spammy nastiness in the future!

  13. Oneiros says:

    I just attempted to thank zan for removing the Vicodin page, but my comment didn’t post.

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