“Torch” — Part V, Page 29

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  1. Kwesi K. says:

    Are those actual “Betty Davis eyes” she’s trying to throw at him in the first panel or just smug confidence of a job well done…?

  2. reptangle says:

    He’s addicted already!

  3. Oneiros says:

    Her eyes looked seductive, to me. In the previous page, too.

  4. reptangle says:

    She’s just stoned on auditory drugs.

  5. Oneiros says:

    She’s stoned on her own music?

  6. reptangle says:

    That’s what I think.

  7. Oneiros says:

    I can imagine that being a factor. If that’s the case, she’s doing what I call “drinking her own kool aid”.

  8. Peter Tupper says:

    Is this some kind of Stendhal syndrome reaction?

  9. Peter Tupper says:

    There are several other characters in the Finder-verse who go into altered states when being artistically creative: Emma, the guy in “Dream Sequence”, and Marcie, so there are precedents.

  10. Nah, she’s seducing him. The thing is, one continues to seduce one’s partner all through sex. They’re basically fucking right here and on the previous page, only musically; and excitement such as Ahsef’s, including the sort of uncontrollable climax he demonstrates in panel two, can indeed be as gratfying to a partner as our violinist here, settling into the afterglow, says it is.

  11. Oneiros says:

    On facebook, Larry Marder quoted Duchamp (whoever he is?), a couple weeks ago: “I’ve decided art is a habit-forming drug. That’s all it is, for the artist, for the collector, for anybody connected with it.”

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