“Torch” — Part V, Page 27

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  1. reptangle says:

    two page 26s.
    Oh boy , now we will learn the story of the frozen forest with the violin players!
    That leaves just the story of the structural disaster “birds” and the dresses with bones to go.
    Then we get back to Rachel and her wedding plans.

  2. reptangle says:

    Ehasz is just keeping Jack warm and comfortable. The laeske are SO considerate of defenseless skin monkeys..

  3. lethe says:

    Nice GULLET there. :) Great for gobbling down twoleggers. :D

  4. Katie L. Droscha says:

    Is the gentleman in the last panel a Sylvian?

  5. Speed says:

    No, that’s Ahsef, another young Ascian, last seen shivering.

  6. Twitch says:

    you totally named the Laeske after Aaron Ehasz, didn’t you.

    (I didn’t catch it the first time ’cause I hadn’t watched ATLA yet :P )

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