“Torch” — Part V, Page 24

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  1. diogenes says:

    “140″, not “”Torch” — Part V, Page 24″? Hence the screwed-up navigation under the pages? Apologies, if you’ve spotted this already.

    (Out of curiosity, why are the page numbers in the URLs even only?)

  2. Speed says:

    That’s strange. Coulda sworn I pushed all the usual little buttons with my little chicken bone. Banana popped up out of the top of the machine as per usual.

    Oh well, fixed.

    Page numbers in the URL even only… uh… reply hazy, ask again later

  3. Bryan says:

    This kid’s got great cardio to explain all this crap to us while running nonstop for 3+ pages….

    I’d be a puddle of goo after the first page, forget talking at the same time!

  4. Liza says:

    In a corset, at that! Lungs of steel.

  5. Speed says:

    Well, it isn’t much of a corset. It’s one of those cheap things that’s boned with thin plastic rods that have about the tensile strength of swizzle sticks. Very bendy. Got it at some Anvardian equivalent of Hot Topic because it has pink skulls printed on the lining.

    The girls are pushing the boundaries of Ascian decency deliberately. Hau’s legs are covered, her waist is bound, and she is wearing a skirt. Her grandmother cannot unfrown herself at this outfit.

  6. Liza says:

    Having had a look back through Rescuers and King Of The Cats, I see what you mean! She’s taken the traditional elements and twisted them right around. (Also, it’s good to see that going Goth has the same effect on grandparents everywhere.)

    I make corsets myself, and corsetmakers tend to view the plasticky things with a certain disdain– but they are unquestionably better for making your escape when the mad monks are after you.

    Of course, Nightjar seems fascinated by shaped clothing with bones too, so if she does learn to make it her way, the Ascian girls could have their own in-house corsetiere soon!

  7. Oneiros says:

    Somehow, until you clarified it here, Speed, it didn’t occur to me that Hauhet is an Ascian. I had thought that all the friends that Jack would contact through his communications device were possibly outside of the tribe. So Jack has friends WITHIN the tribe that are noncomformists as he is! Neat!

  8. Liza says:

    Can’t bring the kids into the city without bringing the city into the kids.

  9. diogenes says:

    Speed + City Kids = Pink Fairies:

    Cruising on speed,
    We’ve got more than we’ll ever need, ain’t life sweet?

    The warm glow of nostalgia!

  10. DB says:

    Oneiros: I too didn’t twig before, but now that I look at Jack’s correspondents with that realization in mind, I suspect that all of them must be members of his generational cohort in the tribe—exploring the city, taking jobs, and otherwise spreading out.

  11. Hmpf says:

    Odd: I always assumed them to be Ascian. I’m kind of surprised not everybody did. It would have seemed strange for Jack to sort-of-command (well, not really command, but at least have a central role in) a group of non-Ascians. Ascians still being somewhere near the bottom of Anvard’s social hierarchy/hierarchies/social matrix and all. (Can’t really call it a hierarchy, as all social distinctions run along so many different axes in Anvard…)

    Just noting this because I find it an interesting, if small, hint at how differently we all read things.

  12. DB says:

    I had assumed originally that Jack’s correspondents were city-folk he’d met and befriended or vice versa. I figured Jack was playing master of ceremonies because it was his hardware and his idea that was behind the network, not to mention being the only person who could hear all the others.

    But, really, it was a simple matter of not thinking it through, to tell the truth.

  13. S Rosenbaum says:

    >>Her grandmother cannot unfrown herself at this outfit.


  14. Oneiros says:

    So I don’t even mind when Hauhet uses the term “fuckskunk” here. She clearly feels for them, and doesn’t use the term in a cavalier manner.

  15. So, are they parthenogenic or not?

  16. Speed says:

    No, they’re just fully loaded.

  17. What i meant to say is, do the mother models require sexual intercourse to pop their offspring out, or was she just making an unwarranted assumption?

  18. Speed says:

    No, the mother models don’t need sexual intercourse to pop babies; they are essentially biological factories.

    …And there are some very odd fetishes related to these creatures.

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