“Torch” — Part V, Page 5

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  1. Oneiros says:

    Whoa. Organic jacks? Or is the usual way of performing a jack operation? Or just the organic way of performing the jack operation?

  2. Erin says:

    Re: the last panel

    brb loling forever

  3. Scott Bieser says:

    Does the Death’s Head Grin come optional? Makes my face hurt just looking at that.

  4. Oneiros says:

    Where’d the headset go in panel 2? Did it fall to the ground?

  5. So Jack is already too plugged in to electronic media to experience or even notice a world of dazzling variety surrounding him in the real world. Wow! I’m just glued to my computer waiting to see what happens next at http://www.lightspeedpress.com, and share it with all of you!

  6. Patrick says:

    Bless you, Rex Mantooth will never die.

  7. Oneiros says:

    Will there be just one more page before Thanksgiving, I hope, I hope? If not, I wish you all a good holiday, to Speed and yours, and to everyone else and theirs. Thank you, Speed, for sharing the great gift of Finder.

    - Chris

  8. Yeah, Speed – I didn’t mean that stuff about you being like the hideous lizard tubes stuck into the back of Jack’s head. Honest!

  9. Owlmirror says:

    OK, here (and on the next page) is Nineh again. This time, the zombies are punctual.

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