“Torch” — Part V, Page 3

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  1. Oneiros says:

    Jack seems delirious from anaesthetic for the jack operation? Or this is post-op? He’s got stuff – gauze? – behind/below his ears where the jack openings would be.

  2. reptangle says:

    One of the whispering, out-of-frame people is probably a… ( I’m going to spell this wrong) Laske? -one of those dino /bird things.

  3. Naah, the guy who’s sipping tea with … oh, it’s _got_ to be Dr. Shar, I _know_ it is … is some kid in Jack’s gang who’s trying to call in on Jack’s homemade CB radio but Jack’s busy getting his brain sucked out.

    Since the second voice knows what Jack’s normally like, but talks to whoever’s doing the installation as though they’re an equal, I’m guessing that it’s Rachel talking. In which case she’s not taking orders either from Orianna or from Coward. If it is Rachel, she can’t have any idea that she’s screwing Jack up or she wouldn’t go along with it – and she probably doesn’t know that she’s helping Jack disobey Coward. She’s a neat boss, she’s glad to have people to dance and drink herself to death with, but she’s still a boss and outsider, she doesn’t need trouble from stirring her employees up and doesn’t want to lose her new friends either.

  4. … Or on second thought it could be the potbelly mother-of-ham, who’s vapid enough to go along with the plan and then say “you should fix it” like that – or it could be the supermoody chick from his gang that he obviously should be with instead of pining for the idiot ham-girl, and who he teases about sex talk all the time.

    It’s got to be hamgirl. Awww. darn you, hamgirl.

  5. Carapace says:

    Woah, I swear I left a comment. Was it deleted?

    I like the idea of it being Hamgirl, but not as much as I like saying “Darn you, Hamgirl.” And I like Hamgirl, but that’s just fun to say.
    I don’t know that Jack’s pining over her, or that they even have that kind of relationship; she seems like she’s doing a bit of the Rachel thing, hanging out with the dangerous uncity people, maybe just because she likes Jack, maybe because she really just likes that group more than her own clan. Not hard to see that happening. There’s a lot of freedom being the outsider in a close group. Everything you do will be wrong, but that’s ok, because you’re supposed to be wrong, so it’s sort of right.

    I’m intrigued by Glasses–that is Jack’s dad, yes? In the last panel? acting as though Jack is his manager. And that he works in a bookstore–entirely sensible, of course. I see he’s in front of an ad for “The Eel Had Onion”, that seminal work of Citypunk noir. I’m starting to wonder if Glasses really is Jack’s dad, that is biologically; if he’s actually an uncle or older brother acting as father?

  6. Hmpf says:

    Awesome prehensile tongue action there.

  7. Hmpf says:

    Hmm. I swear I left a comment, too, just now. How odd. Let’s try again:

    Awesome prehensile tongue action there.

  8. Oneiros says:

    I thought the “Does he usually ramble on like thissh?” in the second panel indicated that the speaker is a Lasske (sp?), making that speaker and the Lasske in the third panel the same. Or the lisp is not that of a Lasske, or there’s a Lasske at Jack’s operation, and one with Glasses, too. (Here a Lasske, there a Lasske, everywhere a Lasske.)

    My guess was that the one saying that the rambling is a symptom was someone familiar with the operation. Maybe the operation or the anaesthetic makes people ramble.

    And if Ascians are “people of the book”, and their books are in their head, and Jack gets plugged into the Anvard Net, then the Ascian book in Jack’s head will be plugged into Anvard. If Anvard has access to Jack’s head, then the Ascians lose their privacy, and that will blur the things that make them distinct from Anvard.

  9. reptangle says:

    It is spelled “Laeske”. I finally found my box of “Finders” and looked it up.
    There are more than one of those Laeske you know. They have their own symbols on bathroom stalls. If they as a species ( the males ) tend to be academic types, there is no reason one wouldn’t be a surgeon.
    I don’t think I’d want Rachel as my brain surgeon. Or Hamlette.

  10. reptangle says:

    I don’t think that guy in the bookstore is “Glasses”. His expression and glasses look the same, but he doesn’t have the defined cheek bones.

    (Where are all these civil war reenactment clothes coming from? )

  11. Oneiros says:

    (I don’t know where the civil war reenactment clothes come from, but it does remind me of the movie “Dances With Wolves”, how Lt. Dunbar gradually came to have Sioux articles of clothing, and his Sioux friends would get some of his Union Army clothes, through trading.)

  12. Hmpf says:

    The hat could easily be a Medawar army hat, I think. It’s lacking insignia but the general form’s the same.

  13. Liza says:

    Bookstore Hat is the guy from comic 200 who originally phoned in to Jack’s show to report on Shar:

    His glasses are similar to Glasses’s, but perhaps all Ascian-made frames are that model.

  14. Carapace says:

    Thanks, Liza! I was racking my brains trying to remember where that fella had appeared before.

    Now, what on earth is that thing on his chest? Part of the communications setup? A bubble pipe?

  15. Twitch says:

    comm setup. looks like something I saw an old-timey telephone operator wearing in a movie…

    PS Bookstore Hat’s name is Kemet

    PPS Is there a Finder wiki? If not, I think I’ll start one…

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