“Torch” –Part V, Page 1

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  1. Twitch says:

    Dear Carla,

    Have I mentioned lately that I love you?

    Well I do.


    PS I love seeing the “rough” version with the “stage directions” ^_^

  2. Drooling Fan Girl says:



  3. Oneiros says:

    Jack is going spelunking!

  4. Drooling Fan Girl says:

    using a telephone????

  5. Oneiros says:

    Where once Jack used communication lines to spread out and learn everything he could laterally about the world, he’s now using a communication line to go down, into the deep and dark.

  6. Carapace says:

    Jack, you’re brilliant. So I know you have a reason for the shorts-and-tights, right? Please? Because it’s a pretty weird combo, and my ungenius brains are confused everytime I see it, as I do here, in silhouette.

    …Look, I’m not even asking about the mascara, I accept that as some sort of cultural thing. Just…that’s not an easy clothing combo to wear, in my experience. So why?

    I do love that Anvardian phone cords are tough enough to carry a Jack. Mine won’t even hold a cat without unhooking.

  7. Oneiros says:

    Carapace, I think Jack’s just weird. He likes being different. And also, with his great curiosity about the workings of Anvard, he is also a product and reflection of Anvard itself. His style (though maybe “style” is a word you would not use for Jack) is a result of the scrapyard pickings to make an eclectic mix.

    When I was in college, and enjoying my freedom possibly too much, I sometimes wearing a sports coat, one black fingerless glove, kung fu shoes, and this black sleeve for my head (different configurations of the “sleeve” would result in a hat, a scarf or a ski mask; sometimes I liked wearing it to look like a ninja). It drove my dad batty, who more recently said that being anything but normal is a sin. I loosely took on the name “Rainbow Ninja”.

  8. reptangle says:

    I get this page now, he is using a communication to go somewhere, but it isn’t clear to him (or us) if it is upward, towards a better understanding of the world or downwards to the pit of conformity and mediocrity.
    I have to go feed my badly drawn virtual pet now.

  9. Oneiros says:

    I think he’s going down. He’s facing downward. And the general motion of the fireflies are downward, as if they are following him.

  10. Oneiros says:

    And downward wouldn’t necessarily mean conformity. It might also indicate going into the darkness of the undiscovered, or downward into an inward journey.

  11. Hmpf says:

    I’d say in Anvard, downward means non-conformity. Remember, the less conforming members of Anvardian society live on the lower levels of the city…

  12. Looks to me like he’s been climbing downwards but now realizes that he’s out of cord and not down yet. Doesn’t look like he’ll have much luck climbing back up either. And his grip on the receiver doesn’t look too good ….

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