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  1. reptangle says:

    The Ascian way, as I understand it, is that any man who lives in a woman’s house is “married” to her, sort of… so does this mean that Rachel is “married” to the whole Ascian tribe that is living with her?

  2. Peter Tupper says:

    Okay, Glasses Guy is creeping me out.

    He’s got this racial attraction-repulsion thing with Rachel, characteristic of colonial encounters.

  3. Des says:

    What is it these Lockhart women have with disappearing? Emma would zonk out to her tinkly princess world with lady smoke and lord fire or whoever, doing her best gardening work while she’s gone; and now Rachel’s drinking herself out of the world to make room for the wealth goddess. Kind of like Jaeger – all of Speed’s people are so certain they’re disappointing that they just disappear all the damn time, but while Jaeger feels he’s starting to bore his acquaintances, the Lockhart women seem to feel they’re imposing on reality. This is all psychobabble I guess – but poor Rachel! Bad, bad Orianna! Maybe at the end of this Rachel will have done penance for being rich and can live as she wants.

  4. Peter Tupper says:

    This is a feature of a lot of CSM’s characters. When life gets harsh, they either check out into fantasy worlds (Emma, Rachel, Marcie) or develop new identities (Lynne, Jaeger). Either way, they disappear.

  5. Hang on, wasn’t this guy a kid in King of the Cats? Which took place maybe a year after Sin Eater when Rachel was sixteen? Rachel isn’t that much older now, so am I imagining things or shouldn’t he be a lot younger than this? Can he possibly be the same guy who figured out Munkyland image rights agreements for Coward?

  6. Oneiros says:

    Yes, Glasses is that same guy from King of the Cats. Carla confirmed that somewhere on this website. I would guess that Rachel is in her mid to upper twenties, now. And yes, that does seem to make discrepancies in time. But it does seem hard to judge how old Llaveracs are.

  7. Hmpf says:

    Hard as it is to judge the age of Llaveracs, it seems likely that Rachel is – at best – in her mid-twenties, as there are very probably not many years between the clan conformation competition and the current story.

    I seem to remember another chronological discrepancy from earlier in the series, which – oddly enough – was also directly related to Rachel’s age, but I don’t remember the details right now.

    Maybe time works differently around Rachel? ;-)

  8. Carapace says:

    In Sin Eater, according to the liner notes, Rachel is FOURteen, not sixteen. Even assuming, as I do, that Glasses had a late growth spurt and that there was a two or three year gap between Sin Eater and KotC, and even if the whole Munkyland episode happened early, there can’t be more than a two-to- five year age difference between him and Rae….unless people just age at wildly different rates here. Which I guess could be the case. Jaeger seemed to pack a lot of years into his adolescence. Or maybe he’s just seeing her in the maturity level her society’s given her?

    Either way, my WMG for the timeline is that Ascians have a double length adolescence, and Glasses was actually 28 when we first met him.

    I continue to be frustrated by the lack of a proper name for Glasses. Moreso since he is in fact fascinating, being a temporal anomaly as well as an idealogical one.;)

  9. scalesandfins says:

    Oh, ffffuck. If this leads up to the titular torch referring to a lynch mob coming after these people for mass statutory rape (which, damn, speed) of the sad whitegirl, this reality-imposing white girl is going to throw up her hands in despair and jump off the closest bridge. “This is a body I have known carnally”, among others, christ. There really isn’t going to be a way out for Rachel until she gets herself dead, is there?

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