“Torch” — Part IV, Page 12

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  1. puck says:

    Oh god, the hands are amazing in this. I also love the way you rendered her body. Great stuff.

  2. reptangle says:

    Of course Llaverecs are awful! That’s why they are wonderful.
    Makes sense to me.

  3. Oneiros says:

    reptangle, you are very cute! :)

    If Llaveracs are all bright colors and screeching, shouldn’t they be like tropical birds or something, not monkeys? Neat to hear an Ascian perspective on Llaveracs.

  4. We’ve gotten used to them, but the Llaveracs *are* really creepy.

  5. Speed says:

    The monkeys these Ascians are used to often have feathers.

    But lots of our-world monkeys are surprisingly colorful.

  6. des says:

    The clan system itself is really creepy, and add on top of that a clan with all the strengths and weaknesses of Cosmo magazine … well, yeah. Then again, Rae seems to think that divas and glamor aren’t such horrible gifts to make to society, and she’s probably got a point – her dad indeed does a staggeringly cool Annie Lennox cover,

  7. Carapace says:

    I am kinda in love with Glasses right now. The whole glamour-model look has always freaked me out too.

    Also, Des– Rae’s dad is Brigham. Did you mean Emma, or did I miss a totally awesome scene of Brigham crossplaying somewhere? Because I want to see that.

  8. Hmpf says:

    The person with the Annie Lennox cover was Rachel’s grandpa.

  9. I meant Emma’s dad, sorry.

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