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  1. Liza says:

    Jack built a breakfast machine???


  2. Oneiros says:

    If it’s this fancy and works properly and even has a video screen, I doubt that Jack made it.

    It would be awesome if the cabinets contain the breakfast.

    And who is that in the video screen, lounging in a bikini with a drink? That isn’t Emma, is it??

    And does the abominating include machines such as this?

    And who is that standing just outside the doorway?

  3. Oneiros says:

    Well, it looks beaten up enough to come from scavenged parts. Maybe that’s Jack in the doorway with the remote control. And the video is just a picture of Rachel in a more relaxed state? Oh, I don’t know.

  4. Rene says:

    I think it’s Jaeger. Don’t see why he would pass up the opportunity to mess with Rachel. Especially since we haven’t seen him since he took Jack to the pile of parts.

  5. Oneiros says:

    I don’t think that’s Jaeger in the bikini. ;)

  6. reptangle says:

    No way Jaeger would be using a mechanical device other than a sports car.
    I bet this is a left over gadget/nurse maid from the old Duchess that lived in this house. I bet Jack found it. It appears to be remote control, not autonomous, so it is Kosher. The bikini person on the screen is the old Duchess’s deceased partner. (Just guessing, I have no idea)

  7. reptangle says:

    However, if this thing doesn’t have three wheels, that means it must have a sophisticated computer-gyro to balance it like a “Segway”. Thats a no no.

  8. Oneiros says:

    Depends on if such a thing can be made with hands. And whether it goes “beepity beep”. :)

  9. reptangle says:

    They have to “stay away from those computer things!” too.

  10. Oneiros says:

    Divine commandments are so imprecise. So that’s why Jewish law became so complicated. Is this Kosher? Is this not Kosher?

  11. Hmpf says:

    That looks like an *incredibly* annoying way to wake someone.

  12. Des says:

    I’m hoping that _is_ Rachel’s usual wakeup, and not a sign she’s in some kind of medical emergency from all the drinking-herself-to-death. If you were a robot nurse summoned into a room by biometric indicators to wake up a person so they don’t slip into coma, you could choose worse things to say. The nurse hair and tentacle arms would kinda make me choose coma, though.

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