“Torch” — Part IV, page 4

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  1. Des says:

    Poor thing! Oracular alcoholism sucks. Because you have to keep drinking and drinking, and it’s not just for you, it’s to maintain a whole tribe’s connection to Divine Wisdom. Man, been there.

  2. Des says:

    What’s with all the snapshots? Are those Oriana costume stuff? Minis of the suitor paintings? What? We need to debate this – we may have a whole page to wait until we know! Eeeeeiaaaaa!

  3. Oneiros says:

    Geez, it’s Emma who might be pregnant?? Lotta burden on Rachel.

    Snapshots are of suitors, I would guess. Doesn’t look like money from the Oriana costume.

    Or are they photos taken by those supposed tribal tourists? Was Rachel the one that had folks take those photos?

  4. reptangle says:

    At least Emma is acting rational for a change.
    Now … the daddy… I’ve lost track of time here, but I think Jaeger’s been out of Emma’s life for quite awhile…so it wouldn’t be his.

    ( -Only the Potbellies have hams?)

    My guess is they are snapshopts of suitors. Rachel has been thinking hard about which to marry.
    Sounds like she better quit worrying so much about what they look like, and pick one that loves kids!

  5. Kwesi K. says:

    Oh just go back to bed Rachel.

  6. adrienne says:

    Oh Emma nooooo. That is not an okay torch to pass. D:

  7. Des says:

    Does anybody have any idea yet why Emma lied that Lord Rod was Rachel’s dad? I haven’t the foggiest but someone must have an idea. Possibly some ultracool science fiction Anvard clan cultural thing that Rachel doesn’t even know about yet, so we in our universe are unlikely to guess, but since the chapter 4 front page does seem to show Emma, I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out in a few pages and we should give it our best guesses before we do.

  8. Des says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if the father of Emma’s _new_ kid actually _is_ Lord Rod? Maybe deceiving your kid about her parentage is some kind of f—ed up Llaverac courtship ritual, and Emma “likes the old meat.”

  9. Liza says:

    If Emma is pregnant, and the kid is a fellow Llaverac’s, she may have to marry in-clan to ensure the kid’s future. She and Rachel could be competing for potential husbands.

    If Emma is pregnant with another “cull” kid, no one from her clan may ever speak to her again. Rachel’s status could even be jeopardised.

  10. adrienne says:

    “Lord Rod’s biological child” is afaik code for a cull child who for whatever reason doesn’t have the genes, but deserves to be let into the clan. Lord Rod, physically a woman, isn’t anybody’s biological dad. Telling Lord Rod that he’s their father is basically a plea for Rod to pull strings to help the kid out. So Lord Rod’s out of wedlock children are the promising, but not clan-conforming, Llaveracs for whom she’s been a patron. My guess about the lying is that Emma didn’t trust Rachel to be a good enough actress to pull of the scam, and thought it would go more smoothly if she sent Rachel to Rod knowing only what she was told. Unfortunately (well, fortunately for Rachel learning how to get shit done herself), Rod just thought Rachel was incredibly arrogant, and blew her off.

  11. K.L. Droscha says:

    I know that the ‘flakey-flighty-dramatic’ temperament of the Llaveracs is breed for and prized…..but to hand off your new baby to your oldest kid is a little TOO flakey? Soooo, Emma (super smart, super talented, over-achiever) married outside of her clan (taboo), became fed up with the aggressive, pushy behavior of husband and his kith and kin (Medawar, what did she expect? ), had an affair with someone half her age, of a SIGNIFICANTLY lower status, and a tomcat to boot (bad-boy fling?), raised her son as a girl (though mandatory in HER clan) even though there was obvious disapproval in her immediate surroundings and future scenarios (who got his/her ASS kicked for it, poor Lynn), zoned out as a survival tactic when times became desperate and her kids needed her, ran away with her family back to her own clan (okay, I’ll give her slack, Brigham is NUTS), thus causing totally displacement for the kids who were used to the Medawar lifestyle (though outsiders), continued to raise Lynn as a young lady, though obviously Lynn was everything BUT a lady (and became a ready deviant), continued to zonk out when times got tough, enrolled her 3 daughters in the school’s she went to, regardless of half-breed status, continues her relationship with said tomcat (or is that dog?), takes care of now invalid husband (noble, but exposing kids to stressful home environment), lies to daughter about biological father ( really Llaverac?), spends most of the time living a complex dream world (though it DOES pay the bills) and now wants to flake out and make the barely-successful oldest daughter raise her newest child if she IS pregnant. Who the hell did she sleep with this time? Why not ask Lynn? Lynn knows her mother is the biggest flake out there, BUT, Lynn loves babies….hmmmmm…..sometimes it is hard for me to like Emma…which I am willing to bet is the Llaverac on the right in the illustration on IV-page 4…..

  12. Oneiros says:

    KL, I figure Emma went with Rachel as future mommy rather than Lynn because Rachel’s kinda got it “made” after winning her way into the clan. Isn’t that one reason Emma had a child with a Llaverac Lord Rod? So her family would have a chance with Llaverac benefits?

    I don’t think the one of the right on the part 4 cover page is Emma. She looks too young, and dresses too plainly to be Emma.

    Now, cull = “half breed”, right?

  13. K.L. Droscha says:

    errr…..Lord Rod is a biological woman who passes herself off as male to ‘claim’ the children of Llaverac culls as her own. In the end of ‘Voice’, Lord ‘Rod Almighty’ admitted to Rachel (in front of high standing Llaveracs) that she WAS a female Llaverac, not just apparent, and that the Llaverac council already knew: the clincher was that Rachel vaguely threatened that maybe the other Clan judges should know too. Rachel did not ‘let the cat out of the bag’ at the ‘cat show’ (heh heh heh), thus prompting Lord Rod to let Rachel keep a Clan lineage ring (that wasn’t hers). Soooo, we know that Rachel’s dad is not Lord Rod, we just don’t know who it really is. Emma never said outright that Lord Rod was Rachel’s father. Emma just told Rachel to go to Lord Rod and tell ‘him’ that Emma said Rachel was one of ‘his’, remember, Lord Rod is an old friend of Rachel’s high ranking Grandfather. Perhaps Emma thought Lord Rod would be willing to help Emma’s daughter as ‘he’ had helped so many others. The thing that angered ‘him’ was that Rachel did not NEED someone to claim her to guarantee a chance at success, she had it and lost it.

  14. MrFrisky says:

    “I have no idea when my last period was . . .”
    “. . . this is happening at my age?”

    Seriously? All this dialogue and Mrs. Speed McNeil’s careful illustration since the very beginning to indicate that this is a woman of mature yet extremely well-kept years, and yet I’m the only one of us who thinks Emma has finally gone menopausal?

    Give it a few pages; she’ll start complaining about how warm the house is while she’s at it.

  15. Des says:

    Um, uh, I knew that … Rod’s a woman … odd to have forgotten it like that .. holy SHIT – WHAT if the kid is JAEGER’S DAUGHTER that he [will have] HAD to STEAL???? Only, um, probably not. Uh, but I just feel embarrassed to have forgot Rod’s a woman. Okay.

  16. reptangle says:

    OHHH! Now I get why Lord Snotrag was so hostile to Rachel! If she really was his/her child, he /she would of been more interested in getting Rachel accepted I would think.
    I couldn’t understand the reason for the nasty attitude Lord Rod had towards a perfectly conforming fellow Llaverec who had run into a misfortune through no fault of her own. I thought it was just “cattiness” in the extreme, but that didn’t make sense.

  17. reptangle says:

    Perhaps because Rachel would be competing against another of Lord Rod’s “kids”, Lord Rod would rather not have had Rachel included in the field? It still doesn’t make perfect sense.

  18. reptangle says:

    Yeah I don’t think Emma’s pregnant. Just getting up there in years. But it can happen!!

  19. reptangle says:

    They DO have pregnancy tests here.

  20. reptangle says:

    I don’t think halfbreed=cull.
    Rachel is a dandy Llaverec, even though she apparently IS a halfbreed after all.
    Lord Rod pulls strings to re-revivify “old” rings whose linage had died out…in order to make a way to accept Llaverec descendants who are perfectly conforming, and often superior to the field, but had somehow lost the credentials to compete.
    That is different from accepting a “cull” with fat hips, blue eyes, or an inch too tall.
    Culls are physically not up to the conformation standard.
    ( I think Lynne looks like a perfectly acceptable Llaverec also, she-he just needs some lithium or something to deal with her-his personality disorder. Hysteria, dramma and pouting are fine, punching someone out is another matter.
    It just isn’t lady-like. A Llaverec must be passive-aggressive )

  21. reptangle says:

    Why do I hear crickets in here?

  22. Oneiros says:

    I don’t post much on the weekend. Mostly just when I’m at work. :) You know how I feel sometimes. :) I go out on my flights of thought, post it here, and nobody says anything. Happens sometimes.

    I had a dream about crickets, once…

  23. Oneiros says:

    So a cull is someone who doesn’t fit into the clan?

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