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  1. K.L. Droscha says:

    WOW. Poor thing; looks how skinny she has gotten…NO BOOBS!!

  2. Scott Bieser says:

    Maybe she should eat some ham.

  3. reptangle says:

    Her head jack is totally visible with that haircut.

  4. Lethe says:

    You know, the one really good thing about those head-phones is that you are pretty much guaranteed not to get the wrong number. Avoids those unusual “someone other than you answering the phone” moments, eh?

    lol ham.

  5. reptangle says:

    I bet head phones don’t prevent wrong numbers… gad, that would be horrible! I wonder if you can turn ‘em off? Are there head-voice mailboxes?

  6. Rene says:

    Whoa! When did she get the Finder tattoo on her neck and throat? How did I miss that?

  7. Des says:

    I wonder what protections they have against hacking? Of course we saw some of them with Magri, but what about this head-to-head phone connection with the finger to the ear? I suppose if you wanted to screw people up you wouldn’t want to mess with those firewalls, and simply target people entering virtual reality. Come to think of it, is Oriana and Coward’s prohibition all about outsiders not being able to steal information vital to the tribe? Is information the thing that “they” take out if you get a head jack, the “they” being not so much the folks installing the jack but rather, the hackers who then have access to you? How much have Anvard’s info-traders got on the people in Anvard? Does it include the kind of head-jack cinematography that Marcie hates so much in movies? How many Anvardians are cameras?

  8. reptangle says:

    A computer virus in your head! Ahhh!

  9. Oneiros says:

    Rene, Rachel got her tattoo at the end of the Voice storyline. In the course of looking for a Finder (Jaeger) to find her clan ring, Rachel sort of became a Finder. Don’t know if she’s a full-fledged Finder, or if there even is such a formal thing as levels (“I’m a black belt Finder. What belt are you?” “My belt from J C Penney.” – Mr. Miyagi as a Finder), but if Rachel is a Finder, she’s definitely a newbie.

  10. Des says:

    Yeah, Rept, companies could program them for viral marketing – just give them a head virus to make them say, “Permacreme toothpaste tastes GREAT!” in conversation without, themselves, knowing it. Although I guess they wouldnt need that since the blurs and the weird photopeople have tech that can apparently cloud the minds of (headjackless) Ascians anyway.

  11. Hmpf says:

    @ Des: That reminds me a bit of the subliminal tv ads in Transmetropolitan…

    @ Oneiros: I think some hearing aids have parts that are implanted in the skull. This may be such a part (though I’m not sure; I haven’t ever seen an image.)

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