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  1. Oneiros says:

    Ham??? Great, another way Jack is to be alienated? (“It’s ham!”)

  2. reptangle says:

    Lets see.. Oriana is dictating comandments to Rachel’s house-mate clan, telling them that they should work -make money -get good shoes and not eat “ham”. How convenient for a person who wants a willing, talented staff for her restaurant that won’t snitch the extra-special food items.
    I’m not sure how the “no beeping” part plays into this scheme…
    To keep them from using microwaves?

  3. Lethe says:

    LOL! Don’t eat no HAM!

    I don’t know if it’s “against” Jack, really – because I don’t think he’s still with his “girlfriend” any more. Probably not after what he did with the ham… ;)

  4. Des says:

    Sounds odd to me that she’s parroting what Coward says, although possibly she (Orianna) has been saying this shit for ages off and on, and that’s why Jack is so tremulous about it asking Coward in the first place. This feels like a setup for Jack getting a … well, a “jack,” anyway, in whcih case Coward (being superwise finderchief dude) very likely expected Jack to disobey, and perhaps the prohibition itself is one of the “good beatings” that make good fighters.

    I can’t see Rachel planting any message as a greedy restauranteur. I can imagine Rachel faking Oriana (though I’m guessing the special effects would be hard to pull off) but only if Coward ordered/implored her to. This is the only scenario in which I could doubt the sincerity (and accuracy) of her warning that head-jack implanters “take something out.” If that’s really true, then Coward certainly knows it, and if he does expect Jack to ignore his prohibition, it’s likely with real regret. This could be a story about Jack lost in mindscape addiction, like that kid at the start of Dream Sequence only much scarier and much worse – something like Native Americans falling prey to European booze.

  5. Scott Bieser says:

    I can’t believe Jaeger is putting up with this stuff. I suspect there will be a reckoning.

  6. Bryan says:

    No electronics and no “dirty meat.” Maybe nothing more than that.

  7. reptangle says:

    But Carla is writing this.. .Of COURSE there is more than that!

  8. Peter Tupper says:

    But what about the dance floor the Ascians were using before? That looked electronic. Does that mean they’ll start using even less electronics than they did before Oriana started throwing out new taboos?

  9. Oneiros says:

    The dance floor didn’t look electronic to me. It looked like they replaced the regular floor with metal plates, so their dance steps would resonate, sound-wise.

    But the drills used to put the floor in place was electric (motor), but not electronic. They don’t go “beep”.

    And generally, only the things that go “beep”, using circuitry, and such, are the machines that can only be made by other machines. Electric motors, I suppose, can be made by hand. All Jack’s devices are made by hand, but he did use scavenged parts that were made by machines…

    A perfect venue for what seems to be Carla’s steampunk passion.

    But I wonder how much Rachel’s Llaverac tendency for drama is overdoing the abominating, so that Oriana will be forbidding far more than what Coward intended? But with his calculating mind, he might have planned for it.

  10. Lethe says:

    But doesn’t Rachel have implanted tech? I mean, a LOT of it? She talks on the hand-phone, etc… Someone’s gonna be mighty pissed when they learn this…

  11. Oneiros says:

    Hehe! Yeah, that’s a good point. She does have a lot of implanted technology.

    She does say, though that “I know what it is [that "they" take out when they put in implants]!” implying that she has knowledge that they don’t. They might be ok that her knowledge comes from experience.

    But supposedly, Rachel is channeling Oriana, so it’s the goddess speaking, not Rachel. And even if it’s interpreted that Oriana herself has the technology, maybe gods are exceptions to the rules they give? The rules are for the Ascian tribe to live by, not for Oriana.

    But if the rules are for the tribe to know how to live in the city, it is strange that the rules basically tell them to stay away from what makes the city the city.

  12. Oneiros says:

    Lethe, here on out, Rachel might have to use her hand-phone in the privacy of her own room if she has to make a call in the house.

    And aren’t her head-jacks visible…?

  13. Lethe says:

    I thought they had been at one point, but maybe her hair (and moving around a lot) covers them.

    But by that same token – Jack might be the only one to recognize them for what they are. And if HE does, that doesn’t mean that everyone else will even care a whit, because HE’s the one that is being all “outside the tribe” experience…

  14. Oneiros says:

    He’s not out yet. But he does seem to be on the path out. If he makes trouble by revealing her own tech, that might be what starts the dominoes tumbling.

  15. Des says:

    HANG on – we’ve no evidence Rae can influence or even remember her Oriana moments, and it at least doesn’t seem in character for her to fake it (even if her special effects skills are up to it) so whoever’s up to no good, shouldn’t we suspect it’s Oriana? A goddess isn’t going to take orders from a chief unless it serves her interests anyway, couldn’t it be _her_ and _not_ Coward trying to goad Jack into rebelling and getting a headjack? She is Goddess of wealth after all, and maybe not as concerned for Jack’s interests as one would hope Coward is. She does imply that they’ll find out what you lose when you get a headjack – is she expecting one of them to be her object lesson, and is she maybe working -independently of Rachel OR Coward – to make sure it’s Jack?

  16. Oneiros says:

    True, Rachel says she can’t remember what Oriana says when she’s channeling Oriana. But she’s aware enough of Oriana to give her a name, and aware enough of Oriana’s questionable origins to say that Oriana was the cartoon character from some Jemworld cartoon from Rachel’s childhood. So does Oriana really exist as a separate entity? Or is Oriana just what happens when you shut off most of Rachel’s brain and let things flow?

  17. Carapace says:

    I think the Ascian gods are largely a result of self hypnotism, more or less- there’s been nothing in Finder to suggest that this really is a god-infested fantasy world. Even if it is , the gods choose their hosts, right? So either hosts are going to be prone to saying stuff that they might not be consciously accepting or even aware of once they’ve tranced out, or the gods are picking hosts who are inclined to say something they want said.

    Either way, Rachel doesn’t have to be faking this, and I don’t think she is; Coward obviously has a real hold on her, and anything he says, she’s likely to resonate with on some level, if only because she wants to. I’d bet he DID talk to her about this, but that doesn’t mean she sat down and thought about how to help the idea get acceptance.

    Gah. Even braingods are hard to talk about without sounding bent.

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