“Torch”– part III, page 38

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  1. Oneiros says:

    Wow! Another page! And so soon!

    Yep, Oriana/Rachel wasn’t addressing Jack directly. I guess she’s passing on the abominating orders as ordered by Coward. You certainly get more oomph to your orders when the people think it’s coming from a god. Or, goddess, in this case. I think that’s how the powers-that-were in the Israelites did it.

    Cute touch with the money costume.

    Guess she doesn’t have a solution for Jack.

    Oriana/Rachel is slightly changing the message from “the machines that can only be made by other machines” to “computer things”. Wonder if that will be a factor in the story.

    Coward is making a pariah of Jack, for sure.

    - Chris

  2. Oneiros says:

    Thought someone would have mentioned it by now, but I thought it funny how the corporate response to “You need some good shoes!” was “Yeah?”

  3. reptangle says:

    Maybe the shoes comment was a bit of Llaverec priorities coming through.

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