“Torch”– part III, page 37

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Dang, I don’t know if that’s Oriana or not, but if it’s not, Rachel is so, so one-upping her mom’s fire-meditation-on-bondage-horse deal from Sin Eater. Just sayin’.

  2. Oneiros says:

    Uh oh.

  3. Oneiros says:

    Rachel in Oriana form has a darkened face like Magri White’s virtual form?

  4. Lethe says:

    lol Jack looks SO pissed.

  5. reptangle says:

    He has a funny expression, as if he is thinking ” Now what? Like, I’m supposed to be impressed?”

  6. thisfox says:

    Well, perhaps it’s a case of today not being the best day to approach Jack. Or perhaps she has a solution to his problems.

    Either way, fireworks. So yay.

  7. reptangle says:

    At least he doesn’t appear to be “broken”

  8. Oneiros says:

    I didn’t think there’d be much chance of Jack being “broken”. His dad didn’t think so, and Coward seemed to feel like he knew what he’s doing (he’s a Finder, after all). And Jack has shown just too much spirit. Which is interesting since he’s not all impressed with the usual Ascian spirit shenanigans (“Dunno! Don’t care! Ain’t doin’ it!”). He’s got a different kind of spirit. So no surprise that Oriana’s not impressing him, on top of his bad mood. We don’t know if this is before or after his beating, but if it’s after, he might be thinking, “Oh, are you next in line to berate me? If you’re not going to help, fuck off.” But he better listen, not because it’s Oriana, but because it’s Rachel’s house. Who knows, though? Maybe Oriana’s got some wealth solution to Jack’s problem.

    Adrienne, I looked up Sin-Eater this morning. I don’t remember when Emma was on a horse, but she certainly had her spirit moments. I saw the one on page 319 of the hardback, where she remembers the line from the song.

    - Chris

  9. Lethe says:

    I know: he’s actually thinking, “THAT’s where all my mascara has gone”. :)

  10. reptangle says:

    A thought… when I first looked at Jack, it looked like he was scowling at Oriana, the next time I looked at this page, I thought I had been mistaken, it now looked as if he was looking down … This drawing is like that picture of Jesus with the eyes that open and shut!
    I think the “horse ” Adreinne meant was a vaulting horse, not a real horse

  11. Oneiros says:

    Yes, I can see how it can look like Jack is looking down, not at Oriana/Rachel. But looking at it again and again, it really does look like Jack is looking up at Oriana/Rachel. I imagine that Jack might have been looking down before Oriana/Rachel appeared, then just shifted his eyes up without shifting the position of the rest of his body, as if her appearance merited nothing but a turn of the eyes.

    What’s also interesting is in the second panel, Oriana/Rachels’ darker part of her face shows on the left side of her head, indicating to me that she’s not facing Jack, but to his right (our left), so maybe she’s not addressing him…?

    And if she’s there to help, why does she have to be so dark and dramatic about it? Guess that’s her nature? And she might have some good news AND bad news for Jack?

    Hm… a vaulting horse, like in gymnastics? I’ll look for it.

    - Chris

  12. reptangle says:

    That’s not Rachel, is it? Unless maybe somebody forgot to draw the Finder pattern tattoo around her neck again. She’s wearing a different dress too! When we last saw Rachel she didn’t look like she would of been motivated or capable of changing her clothes!
    I love the blackened face.

    (I tried leaving this comment twice, but my computer was doing a weird thing, sorry if this same comment appears many times!)

  13. reptangle says:

    Emma on the gymnastics horse-like thing is on page 136 in “Sin eater”, the hardcover book.

  14. Oneiros says:

    Why wouldn’t it be Rachel? I expect that it is. If it’s just the tattoo that’s throwing you off, Carla probably just forgot it again. Easy to forget details when you’re busy flowing with spirit. :)

    And who knows how much time has passed since Rachel was recovering from the party? It could be enough time to do what she’s doing.

    Thanks for the horse page pointer. :)

    - Chris

  15. Hmpf says:

    Uhm… where do you guys even see Rachel’s neck here? Except in the silhouette, which wouldn’t show the tattoo anyway?

    And yeah, definitely Rachel. Blond, wavy hair isn’t exactly common in Ascians. ;-)

  16. Oneiros says:

    Thought it possible the tattoo was forgotten on the second panel. But I figured if she’s all aglow in her divine aura, maybe the tattoo doesn’t show.

    Looked up the vaulting horse candle meditation. Pretty wild. Didn’t remember that at all. Didn’t expect that Emma would be, uh, naked, either…

    Given that Rachel is taking orders from Coward, I don’t think her act here has one-upped her mom.

    - Chris

  17. reptangle says:

    Yeah, of course it must be Rachel. Who else could it be?
    Oops, I meant to leave this comment on page 38 where her neck is more visible.
    The various skin markings on everybody seem to come and go frequently around here.
    They can be tattoos, a hallucination, marker pens, effects of channeling gods or makeup. I think this is a very cool device for indicating a deeper story going on with a character, and it sometimes makes it easier for me to tell with who is who (especially among almost identical clan members). That is why I look for Rachels neck tattoo! Maybe it was really one of those removable stretchy lace necklaces that was popular among school kids about six years ago… OOH! More finder merchandise ideas!

  18. Oneiros says:

    reptangle, you’re a kick. :) Or how about temporary Finder tattoos?

  19. Hmpf says:

    I think a lot of the patterns we see on people’s skin in Finder are painted on, not tattooed on. Remember Medawar psychoactive facial paint… they’re probably not the only ones among the various cultures and subcultures we meet in Finder who have a number of functionally differentiated types of body ‘decoration’.

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