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  1. Oneiros says:

    You guys were right. Glasses IS Jack’s dad (unless “son” is being used in a generic way).

    I wonder if Jack’s name “Kavka” was chosen because of the similarity to “Kafka”. He might metamorphose to be something of a bridge for the tribe. The books address “Bridging”.

    I think Coward is smiling because he sees the passion and determination in Jack and so knows that Jack will do what needs be done to help the tribe.

    - Chris

  2. reptangle says:

    God, your layouts are so beautiful!

  3. Roderick says:

    And don’t forget…In “King of the Cats”, Carla said this is how Coward get his jollies.

  4. Hmpf says:

    I’ve been wondering about the Kavka-Kafka connection for a while… I still don’t see what exactly the reference is supposed to mean, though. I associate Kafka with claustrophobia and (often bureaucratic) absurdity, and while life in Anvard definitely has aspects that fit these descriptions, I wouldn’t say that it’s kafkaesque on the whole. There’s too much going on on the lower levels of Anvardian society, and in the chinks and margins… and the way power is exerted is very different, too. In Kafka that’s usually very much a ‘top-down’ thing, whereas in Finder it’s more, hmm, ‘multi-vector’.

    Then again, I may simply not be familiar enough with Kafka.

    But, yeah. Maybe Jack’s going to undergo some metamorphosis…

  5. Oneiros says:

    Roderick, I remember something like that. Something about getting in his gets, and getting away with it? I’ll have to check on that. Thanks for the reminder.

    - Chris

  6. comingstorm says:

    One way or another, I’m thinking that grin doesn’t bode well for the kid…

  7. Drooling Fan Girl says:

    Oh dear, this is one of those “be careful of what you wish for” moments isn’t it.

  8. Oneiros says:

    hehe. I suppose not, comingstorm.

    Yeah, I checked in King of the Cats over the weekend. Coward gets his jollies from “counting coup”, “getting in licks on ancient enemies”. It also said that Coward always smiles. Especially when that brain of his finds something he can use to his advantage. He’s seeming a bit like Columbo that way.

    So I finally found the “glasses” kid y’all were talking about, that’s Jack’s dad. The boy that quotes from the contract that Coward’s tribe had with MunkyWorld. I had thought that was a girl. I didn’t really remember him, anyway. He seemed to be maybe 15 or 16 years of age back then?

    - Chris

  9. Peter Tupper says:

    Speaking of characters appearing in different books with different ages…

    Is Jaeger aging like most people, or does his regeneration make him age slowly or not at all? (That would also be a good reason to be nomadic.) He looks older in this book, but that could just be a different hairstyle and wearing a suit. Maybe he’s deliberately looking older so that Rachel doesn’t get suspicious?

  10. Hmpf says:

    Jaeger’s definitely aging, and at a rate not too far removed from that of ‘normal’ people, I’d guess (though what is normal in this regard in Anvard is anybody’s guess!) But if you compare him with Brom, who seems to be more or less exactly his age, the two of them usually look about the same age – e.g. early middle-aged in Five Crazy Women.

  11. FuriousSterling says:

    For the folks wondering about the Kavka/Kafka connection. Kafka literally is Jackdaw in, I believe, one or more of the Slavic languages. So I don’t really believe it’s related to Franz Kafka in any other way than the name similarity.

  12. Hmpf says:

    Oh! How cool.

    So does that mean the Ascians may be at least partly derived from a Slavic population?

    So much room for speculation…

  13. Peter Tupper says:

    I still think Jaeger is not aging at a normal human rate (i.e. compared to Rachel). Jaeger looks pretty much the same in “Five Crazy Women” as he does in “Sin Eater”, and we know that the main story of “Five Crazy Women” takes place some time after “Torch,” ie. years apart.

  14. Oneiros says:

    Jaeger looked older to me in “Five Crazy Women” than he did in “Sin Eater”. But I think it’s possible he’s not aging at a normal rate. Maybe got that Wolverine-type healing factor going on. ;)

  15. Oneiros says:

    I checked in “Five Crazy Women” this morning. Jaeger looked older at the beginning of the “So” issue. He looked as young as usual in the first issue when he was ringing up his “girlfriends”. But alas, I don’t know where my “Fight Scene” is!

  16. Sara says:

    I think the oldest we’ve seen Jaeger is when he gets captured and brought to Magri in Dream Sequence? He has kids by then, doesn’t he? And Marcie is early-middle-aged by that story. I think he’s aging normally, we’re just jumping around in time from story to story.

    And that is one shit-eating grin on Coward if I ever saw one. You can almost see the thought bubble. “Yes, yes …. JUST AS PLANNED.”

  17. Oneiros says:

    To my knowledge, the timeline is not skipping around. At least that’s my impression. A daughter of his was shown in The Rescuers. I think Jaeger right now, in Torch, still has kids and a family, though we’re not shown that at all. He looked very different in Dream Sequence, for sure, though. I’d need to look at Dream Sequence again, to see how old Marcie looks. To my recollection, she looked like she was just in her twenties.

  18. Hmpf says:

    In Dream Sequence Jaeger has grandchildren. (Two, I think.)

  19. Oneiros says:

    Grandchildren? I suppose so. He did have at least one grown child there.

    I took another look at Dream Sequence. I think he grows a lot of facial hair at that time because he didn’t want to be recognized as the source of the face that was in all those movies, including porn. As he’s walking down the sidewalk, his clean-shaven face shows up on the screens that are on the building wall, advertising various movies. His likeness was recorded at MunkyTown in King of the Cats, then digitally used for various other movies. The extra facial hair in Dream Sequence, then was grown to hide his identity. Carla wrote in some notes at the end of Mystery Date that he’d grow facial hair to change his appearance in a disguise way. So that helped him look older in Dream Sequence. And so, again, his inadvertent change of hair played a part in his drama. At MunkyTown, he cut his hair to get in, and so was not readily recognized as an Ascian. And then in Dream Sequence, with the extra hair, he happened to look like the monster in Magri’s world, so got blamed for the craziness in Elsewhere.

    We don’t know much about Jaeger’s family, so pretty much anything’s possible, there.

    - Chris

  20. Hmpf says:

    I think that in most of the series, Jaeger’s ‘family’ (in the currently dominant, narrow, ‘marriage and blood relations’ sense) is just his daughter. And, later, her kids. (Well, and Roy, and possibly Jaeger’s still nameless half-sister too, of course.) There’s the possibility that he has other children, of course, but I’m getting more of a sense of adoption – in a very wide sense – from Jaeger. I think he kind of assembles a tribe of sorts, over the decades spanned by the series. The Grosvenor kids are part of it, and Brom is, probably, and Xini, and who knows how many other people. Judging from the end of Dream Sequence, Magri may have gotten adopted into it, too.

  21. Oneiros says:

    Hm. Part of Jaeger’s family by adoption. Interesting. I like that. Carla once said that Jaeger helps keep Magri grounded, so there’s a continuing relationship there.

    That all kinda fits in with the Jesus story. His disciples were kinda like family.

  22. Oneiros says:

    Went to SPXPO this weekend. Carla reminded me that “Fight Scene” is part of the Sin-Eater hardback. Silly me.

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