“Torch”– Part III, page 34

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  1. Oneiros says:

    I, for one, counter to the scribe’s shushing, am glad Jack’s making an argument. I get to hear the history and the reasoning. Jack makes a good point. Where does one draw the line? But it was Jack himself that said he didn’t want better machines messing with his head. Coward is probably just abominating the skull computers. If Jack had one of those, he’d be so set apart from the rest of the tribe. He’s already different. The abominating would keep Jack grounded.

    - Chris

  2. Carapace says:

    As a nosy reader, I am eager for more potentially revealing argument. But I completely understand the scribe’s shushing– if Coward’s going to start coming down on chip technology, trying to make him see how widespread it is could be counterproductive. But I’m a nosy reader. Hush, scribe.

    Also, really really hoping for more on the apparent conflict between Jack and his dad, who I really hope gets a name I can use besides “Glasses” soon.

    Huh, Coward seems pretty cheerful about the whole thing. Is he trying to provok Jack into, I don’t know, finding some way to access the net without skulljacks? oh man, is Jack going to have to reinvent modems? As apparently the last person in the US with dialup, I would be so tickled by that.

  3. Hmpf says:

    Okay… I must have gotten the timeline wrong… or the Llaveracs must compete for clan membership at a much later age than I thought. :-)

  4. Melody says:

    Poor jack. The fact that Jack is so upset must mean he truly isn’t a rebel? He really won’t do what is forbidden…? I bet not..

  5. Furious Sterling says:

    I was starting to wonder if Jack’s dad was the kid from “King of the Cats”, nice to see my guess was correct. Clearly a lot of time went on between the two stories though, hmm.

  6. thisfox says:

    Well, how about they ground him by allowing it to one person…. but not to Jack? Someone more expendable. He’s sort of useful to them as-is. Plus they could find a lot out about it from their Crazy Girl landlady, probably. I hate it when people “abominate” or otherwise ban things without doing any research first. There are people they could question without having to test the device.

    Suddenly they’re just religious nutters.

  7. Oneiros says:

    Yes, Jack just might use those books that Jaeger gave him to access the net without skull jacks. He used the existing structure of the dome to communicate. He could use the existing structure of the body (bones, the skull itself?) to access the net. Aboriginal cultures seem less invasive, more holistic, with their technologies. And as Jack has been blessed by a Finder, he’s doubly likely to succeed.

    Jack’s dad is Glasses??

    - Chris

  8. Oneiros says:

    Glasses is not Jack’s dad. The tattoo pattern’s wrong. Jack’s dad is a cook, not a geek.

    - Chris

  9. K.L. Droscha says:

    No…look at page 15, I think that Glasses IS Jack’s dad…the tattoo matches the one in the above picture…

  10. Oneiros says:

    I was looking at page 15, Part I. It’s hard to tell, really. The “church paint” is obviously temporary. So I can’t actually tell by the face paint, like I thought I could. But the mark on his left arm on I:15 looks like it’s on his upper arm, while Glasses’ is on his forearm. Hard to tell through the steam. But Glasses looks younger than Jack’s dad of I:15. And the glasses are larger on this page. But the drawing could be slightly different. And a man can have more than one pair of glasses. Hard to tell.

    - Chris, who is working late and about to go home and finds posting here much preferrable to work

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