“Torch”– Part III, Page 32

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  1. Mock says:

    I remember trepanning from His Dark Materials! I wonder what the long-term health effects are. And whether the skull-computers use the same technique?

    Aww, puppy-dog-Jack face. How can anyone say no!

  2. Carapace says:

    Wait, I thought trepanning was to let bad things *out*? That’s why it always starts sounding appealing around day five of the migraines..

    Is it just the eyeshadow, or is Jack perpetually sleep deprived? he’s got some major undereye shadows happening there…

  3. Brendan says:

    Mork- Well, given that your drilling holes in your head, I’d imagine that they’re NOT GOOD.

  4. LlubNek says:

    Trepanning or trephination is a medical procedure to relieve swelling of the membrane surrounding the brain, among other things.

    Wikipedia has a pretty good entry for it:

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