“Torch”– Part III, Page 31

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  1. Carapace says:

    Hey- is that the glasses-wearin’ kid from way back in King of the Cats, all grown up and scowly now? It’s great that he’s wearing what my engineer friends have trained me to think of as the Geek Office Uniform. Er. Except the tattoo.

  2. Speed says:

    Ca-ching! First one to mention it. Yes, that’s the kid with the specs from KOC. He’s also wearing the men’s traditional one-rectangle-of-cloth pants, but this isn’t terribly obvious.

  3. Wood says:

    Oh, wow, that kid ! I had almost forgotten… Good call !

  4. Hmpf says:

    He looks older than he should be… (KotC is sometime after Sin-eater, at which point Rachel is 13. In Voice, Rachel should be 21, I think, or thereabouts, so there’s at most eight years between Voice and KotC, but probably less, as there was enough time between Sin-eater and KotC for Jaeger to grow his hair long again twice… But Bespectacled Kid looks middle-aged here! – I assume there *isn’t* a decade or more between Voice and the current storyline?)

  5. K.L. Droscha says:

    I was thinking along the same line…but then I thought of Finder: The Rescuers. So let’s say that Specs in KotC was ~18-19 tops. Smaller, skinny but considered a man in his tribe (?): if the time period between Finder (Part 2) and Torch is roughly 8-9 years, than that MAY put Specs around 30 or so. The young mother in Finder: The Rescuers looked quite young indeed, what 13-16? So if Specs is the same glowering man in the kitchen that Jak referred to as his dad when he wanted his hat back, you would just have to do the math, assuming the younger version of Specs may have been a young father at the time al la Rescuers? Let’s say for kicks and giggles, Specs had a kid when he was around 14 (not unheard of for nomadic people)….5 years later during KoTC we see him jumping off the dino to read the by-laws (~19 years old with a 5 year old kid), add another 8-9 years to Torch, you got a Specs around 30 with a young teenage kid who might be Jak…add on top of that implied harsh living, bouts of near starvation and maybe some intensive studying of foreign cultures and laws, and you get a scowling, aged Specs with a young teen begging to be allowed to do something….risky…Or, I could just be talking out of my butt and we should let Ms. Speed answer our anxious questions… :)

  6. Hmpf says:

    That explanation works for me, K. L. Droscha! Thanks; having just spent a year and a half eating, drinking and breathing Finder for my M.A. thesis I’m somewhat anal about details like that, and any way you can make sense of a seeming discrepancy like that helps to set my mind at ease. ;-)

    (Yes, okay, I was kind of anal about stuff like that even before the thesis, I admit. But the thesis definitely exacerbated the tendency. *g*)

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