“Torch”—Part III, page 28

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  1. Carapace says:

    Ah, I love the backgrounds! They’re such a usually-thankless task, most readers don’t even consciously look at them, but the detail really matters… the Anvard backgrounds, in particular, remind me of the photos over on POPIndia and other India-based blogs I read. I can almost hear the ambient noises.

  2. Hmpf says:

    Who doesn’t like backgrounds?! They must be crazypeople!! ;-)

    Though, backgrounds do seem somewhat neglected in many American comics, if you compare them to French/Belgian fare especially. I’m currently reading Le cycle de Cyann by Bourgeon and Lacroix, and the backgrounds there are so detailed and fascinating that you end up with a reading time that nearly equals that of the average novel, for an 115-page comic. Nearly all the worldbuilding is in the panel backgrounds there.

    Anyway… I love every background glimpse of Anvard we get! (And every foreground view, too…)

  3. Maral says:

    I really appreciate great backgrounds because I utterly DREADED doing them when I was drawing comics. LOL Forcing myself to draw lots of furniture was an interesting (though frustrating) challenge, though.

  4. Oneiros says:

    I’ve been Sin-eater, as there are many parts in there that I just don’t remember. So many weird things. Like Emma’s naked bodypaint vaulting horse candlelight meditation. And that weird movie/dream that Jaeger has of being a priest among these other priests or acolytes with costumes that look like they have gas masks, and Jaeger collects some of the blood being drained from the sickly child and puts it to his face (one of his sin-eating jobs turned nightmare, I guess). Then I come to the description of Anvard, being a domed city with houses and buildings built every which way, and I start thinking that maybe Anvard is a metaphor for Carla’s head, and the way she collects and remembers the strange and sundry ideas and observations of her life and world. Now, I’ve generally seen Finder as an expression of Carla’s soul, but this was the first time I saw Anvard specifically as her head. It’s quite interesting. In this world where there is so much pressure of conformity, even in America where diversity and dreams come together and collide and mix, it’s a relief to me to find a story such as Finder where so many diverse ideas come together, without shame. There is a sense of “everything” here. The aboriginal and the technologically advanced. The “sacred” and the “profane”. I think that’s what I like about Finder. And there are weird things in Anvard because Carla makes them weird. She sees weirdness and puts them here, a bit like Magri incorporating the storm clouds, green and looming, into Elsewhere, only different than Magri’s work. And Carla, to many eyes, would surely seem weird. But she is just herself. She is genuine, a real individual, as we each are, but so many try to bend to conformist Matrix control systems. And so she makes a geniune and unique story.

    But it’s not just the cities that are weird. It’s not just the artificialities that show weirdness. So does nature, to our eyes, or at least, mine:


  5. Oneiros says:

    oops. I mean I’ve been REREADING Sin-Eater. I didn’t mean “I’ve been Sin-eater”, though I am that at times, as well.

  6. Oneiros says:

    In a world of conformism, authentic individuals who express their uniqueness will be seen by many as weird. But those systems of conformism aren’t all bad, aren’t just out to control. They’re there so we can each live together without destroying or hurting each other. But when one system clashes with another, then we got problems.

  7. Oneiros says:

    Also, when one follows a system of conformism without knowing the reason why, or why the system is there, then we got problems, too.

  8. Owlmirror says:

    I just wish to express strong agreement with Jack that it is indeed a reasoned and factually supportable scientific conclusion that Anvard is a weird fucking place.

  9. Frank says:

    Should I feel like I took acid? Wonderful story, the last time I got a headache like this I was in the sixth grade. And I happen to agree with Jack.

  10. Ashbet says:

    I read that scene from “Sin-Eater” as Jaeger having traveled to Javacek — the place/culture with all the bizarre medical taboos/procedures, and an obsession with physical and genetic purity.

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