“Torch”—Part III, page 27

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  1. reptangle says:

    tattooed eye makeup?

  2. Speed says:

    No, Jack just loves his manscara. There’ll be a bit about that later on. Back in the Outside, they had to use charcoal, so guyliner seemed like quite the boon from above.

  3. Hmpf says:

    Ever watch Farscape? In the first season, the main alien culture in that had – male and female – soldiers wearing eyeliner. Sadly, they dropped that idea later – probably because they didn’t want the audience to get the impression that the Peacekeepers weren’t badass.

    (Or maybe that was just one squad of soldiers from an eyeliner-wearing world in the larger continuum of Sebacean culture… *g*)

    Anyway: yay for the many ‘odd’ kinds of facial makeup in Finder! And yay for the current story, which I am absolutely delighted with. So much fascinating new stuff about Anvard, and about Coward’s tribe, and about Rachel. I’ve really grown to love Rachel a lot over the course of the series!

    Also, yay for the comment function! :D

    @Speed: did you ever get my mail re: my thesis? I still think the first third or so of it is pretty poor, but I got nominated for an award, so I must have done *something* right…

  4. Owlmirror says:

    (Just leaving a comment here so I can more easily find this later)

    The is the first appearance of Toth, in the field (or rather under the field).

    “Toth” is a Hungarian surname that means “Slav” or “Slovak” or Croat. It’s also a German surname related to Tod, meaning death.

    “Toth” also reminds me of “Thoth”, the ibis-headed Egyptian god of the moon, science, magic, speech and writing, who arbitrates disputes among the gods and judges the dead. Etc, etc.

    The bird circle early warning system is also mentioned in the beginning of the first volume of Sin-Eater, when a piece of dome roof falls.

  5. Moody says:

    There is also the worshiped-by-many comics and animation artist, Alex Toth!

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