“Torch”—Part III, page 3

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  1. Des says:

    Why does Rae “have no mother”? Come to think of it, why did Rae’s mom lie to her in “Voice?” What does Emma think about all this and what does Rae think about what Emma thinks? Ditto Lynne and Marcie (though I’m glad Rae’s not worrying about what Lynne thinks – that’s not the way to get Lynne thinking well of you at any rate.

  2. Oneiros says:

    I think Jaeger says that since her mom, Emma, is not really present. She’s in her own world, Gan Garidan. Rachel has a mom, but not one who has a strong presence in her life.

    When did Emma lie to Rachel in “Voice”?

  3. reptangle says:

    Emma lied about Lord Rod being her biological father.
    But Rachel HAS a mother!

  4. reptangle says:

    Emma is a total dingbat, but is still her mom!

  5. Oneiros says:

    Rachel needs a human mothering presence in her house. The robots will take care of her physical needs, but not in a warm human way. Maybe “mama-da” will fill in.

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