“Torch”—Part III, page 26

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  1. Peter Tupper says:

    Interesting look at two different cultures views of artifacts: one simple thing temporarily altered for a particular purpose vs. multiple objects designed for particular purposes and then retained or abandoned. She appears to be holding a wedding dress, which is supposed to be worn only once under particular circumstances.

    Also like the magic/science/art idea.

  2. Carapace says:

    I love Jack, but Nightjar’s antisnark still makes me very happy. The grand art/skill/craft discussion– I know so many people who will insist they’re all separate and opposed things, but I really don’t think they are…

  3. Oneiros says:

    I like the science vs art (vs magic?) discussion, too. I agree with Carapace. I ultimately don’t think that the two (or three) are necessarily separate and opposed. There doesn’t have to be a “vs”. Science seems more based on intellect, with art more on intuition, but intellect and intuition aren’t necessarily separate and opposed, either. Science seems to use more brute force to figure things out – the scientific method. But scientific discoveries have often had an intuitive aspect with “aha” moments leading leaps in understanding. Art is definitely more personal and intuitive. But some of art can rely on method, as well, or else we couldn’t have entire schools or curricula teaching art. But those classes can’t teach inspiration. Jack will be relying on both books and his intuition to find what he needs to find.

    - Chris

  4. Oneiros says:

    I watched Michel Gondry’s “The Science of Sleep” last night. In one of the special feature featurettes, the artist who makes the stitched-together animals and things for the movie said how what she makes never looks the way they look in her head. In her head, it’s all perfect. In reality, it has all these flaws and imperfections. But when the movie’s animators take her creations and animate them, it’s like magic to her. Those birds or shoes or horses of fabric, with all their stitches and wrinkles and rough edges, come to life. And to her it’s magic. She adopted a saying from director/writer Michel Gondry that goes something like “Every idea that’s any good verges on stupidity.” This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite quotes that Lynne says to Marcie, “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”

    - Chris

  5. Oneiros says:

    And this magic is what you do, Carla.

  6. Liza says:

    I came back here to check if that really was Nightjar on V.36-37, and I am reminded how much I LOVE THIS PAGE.

  7. Oneiros says:

    Yeah, I was going to do that, too. Thanks for saving me the trouble. :)

    Nightjar is definitely into the clothes, now finding some for Rachel…

  8. Ahna says:

    ….Nightjar is a little awesome, and I barely know her. <3
    (also, is that not Sarah's masquerade dress from Labyrinth? It's a very similar style, if not the actual basis.)

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