“Torch”—Part III, page 18

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  1. reptangle says:

    Jaegar’s costume reads “bellhop” but I wouldn’t hazard a guess as to what it really means.

  2. Oneiros says:

    I never thought it’s a bellhop uniform, but I see the resemblance. I just saw it maybe as Jaeger being in a phase of his life where he’s a little more city-fied, so he dresses more smartly, less like a man of the wild. Maybe he’s more a settled family man than before. Or maybe not.

  3. Desdemona says:

    Yeah! His sense of fashion is totally wacking me out here! What was he doing! He does look like a man-whore! Ahaha! I fucking love Rachel. I also really like her and Jaeger’s relationship. I feel as if they’re very kindred.

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