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  1. Oneiros says:

    It’s interesting that Jack names his water guns after women. Just as it’s interesting that the “I am war” page during the after-party Ascian spirit dance shows a woman, while the “I am love” page shows a man. That’s a reversal of at least what I’m used to. I tend to associate battle with men, and love with women. It’s as if in the Ascian tribe, it’s the women who are more agents of battle.

  2. Oneiros says:

    I did once read an online article about a scientific study that was done that showed that drinking soy milk increased aggression in men. That, it said, was due to the plant estrogen that soybeans have, that is able to act like regular human estrogen. So even in human biology, there is some association between women and battle.

  3. Carapace says:

    Athena, Inanna, the Valkyrie, Kali…there are a lot of female warrior-dieties. And at least as many male love deities (Apollo, Balder, Eros..). The thing is, as cultures grow and various gods get appropriated, they tend to take on aspects of a larger concept– Athena got the noble side of war (whatever you or the Greeks might think that is…) Ares got the sheer bloody violent crazy end. I can’t think of a pantheon where the only war-face is male.
    I had totally missed that the one carrying war in that scene was a woman.Very young, and not too developed yet, I guess? I was so caught by the eyes, and the hair is right over the obvious bits, like the adam’s apple and all. How horrible, making me go back and reread Finder pages!:P

  4. Oneiros says:


    I finished rereading Sin-eater today. So many things I had forgotten! Great stuff in there. And Jaeger mentions the wife and family he’d left behind on the last page!

    I guess by the end of Dream Sequence, he’d rejoined his family.

  5. Hmpf says:

    I got the impression, in Dream Sequence, that the family members we saw there were just his daughter (whom we primarily meet in The Rescuers) and his grandkids. I don’t think he ever rejoined his wife.

    Then again, I don’t know. Obviously. *g*

  6. Carapace says:

    Also his brother, unless my eyes utterly deceive me. Maybe his brother’s kids or grandkids? And Xini/Jeannie, who I don’t think was his wife, looking very lawyerly.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all that’s a totally different family than the one he left in Sin Eater, though.

  7. It’s finally sinking in to me that he found out that his ex-wife(?) had had his child … he’d never even met the kid … and he stole this child from its mother. When this happens in the real world – even when the dad helped raise the kid before a divorce – it’s called “really fucked up.” Kind of bizarre that that just sailed by me reading Rescuers. The issue will have to be, the mother was somehow a danger to the kid – or will it? Jaeger’s a hired killer and he has Jaeger rules. He’ll have his reasons, but he has his reasons for being a hired killer – they don’t always seem particularly good reasons, do they? Wow. That’s going to be some story. And here I was wondering who the Blurs were …

  8. Hmpf says:

    Yeah, ever since The Rescuers I’ve been *reallllly* curious about the story behind Jaeger’s stealing his daughter.

  9. Oneiros says:

    And on page 257 of the Sin-eater hardback, the idea gets introduced that Jaeger might be Marcie’s dad.

  10. Carapace says:

    I think the Jaeger/Marcie thing was really more Lynn’s personal paranoia. So much is made of her Medawar-ness, and she really does look like the other Medawar girls. But Lynn has Issues.

  11. Oneiros says:

    Yes, the possibility of Jaeger being Marcie’s dad was brought out as something that really vexed Lynne, during his psychoanalysis. But page 257 showed Emma pregnant with Marcie, while at the same time Jaeger was suddenly discharged from the army so he wouldn’t be around Emma and Brigham, and Emma was saying over and over something like “It can’t be him, it can’t be him…”

  12. Carapace says:

    Emma was saying “Can’t be….can’t be…how?”, which I took to be shock at Jaeger’s assumed death (“discharge” usually meaning “died”, with conscripts), maybe in part because she knew how dang hard to kill he was.
    But your way adds so much more drama!;)

  13. Hmpf says:

    The t imeline for “Jaeger and the Grosvenor Family – the Early Years” is massively confusing anyway…: http://community.livejournal.com/_finder_/21477.html

    Very hard to reliably correlate anything there.

  14. Yeah. And can anyone give us any idea about when The Rescuers, Dream Sequence, and, actually, Mystery Date, happened relative to the storyline? Five Crazy Women hasn’t happened yet (in the Voice-Torch present) because Brigham is still alive here. _When_ does Jaeger steal his kid? If he already has, where is she?

    And one very interesting possibility – what if Jaeger _DIDN’T_ steal his daughter from his ex-wife? What if Jaeger stole her from the folks who were so interested in him when _he_ was a genetically-abnormal and probably genetically-modified (if not completely genetically-engineered) boy?

    What if we’re now coming up on the story (they’re coming back into things, after all) of how Jaeger stole his daughter from the Blurs?

  15. Oneiros says:

    Carapace, I checked in the liner notes. The note for that particular panel with Emma’s “Can’t be” did speak of Jaeger’s being discharged because of a head injury, the story of which has never been told. You were right.

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