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  1. Des says:

    I believe this is what comes of naming your two sons “Royle” and “Royal.”

  2. Oneiros says:

    How does the naming of Jaeger’s half-brother bring this about? What does he have to do with Jaeger and Jack? Do you mean that they have royal attitudes, so they feel like they can do whatever they want?

    “Royle” was a misspelling, by the way. Jaeger took his half-brother’s name (and misspelled it, apparently) when he went into the army. That’s why it’s spelled that way in Painwright.

  3. Des says:

    Oh. Um, I just figured you’d get into a lot of fights if you and your brother had homophone names. Um, so he isn’t Royle, that’s his brother’s name, but it’d be odd if his father named him Jaeger when that was the name of his own job. And “Ayers” may or not be his last name. So has he got a name (and what’s “Sudamer” about?) Of course, – his mother could have named him Jaeger out of affection for the dad before she died/disappeared/whatever dramatically after childbirth, and we know the dad’s a softie for the mother’s wishes, so he wouldn’t change it back even though he’d be putting his sun in for being known as “Jaeger Jaeger” when he passed on the family business – Is Jaeger actually Jaeger?

    Um, that’s my question.

    Yep, I’m a Trekkie and might as well be proud of it, it’s incurable.

  4. Oneiros says:

    My impression is that Jaeger is not Jaeger’s given name, since he’s never called by name in “Fight Scene”, and his dad’s job is a hunter or a “jaeger”. I think Jaeger took on the name of “Jaeger” in honor of his dad’s job, after he left home for the last time. I think Jaeger might have made the identity of a hunter part of his own identity. Dunno. That’s just my preferred theory.

    I believe that Ayers is Jaeger’s true last name, and the last name of his dad.

    I don’t know about the “Sudamer”. I think that’s Royal’s middle name.

    Ah… competition because of same-sounding names. Ok, sorta makes sense.

    Do you mean that inherent to a Trekkie is the obsession with little details like these?

    I like Star Trek. Wouldn’t call myself a Trekkie though. Am I a Findie?

  5. Des says:

    I dunno, a Speedy? Or, alternatively, we could be Speedos, since what we’re trying to get hold of are Jaeger’s private details!

  6. Oneiros says:

    Oh, god. :-P

  7. Oneiros says:

    It’s also possible that Jaeger is not on any record anywhere, so that he officially has neither first name nor last name.

  8. reptangle says:

    Speedos! HAHAHHA

  9. Des says:

    So, are we agreed that Finder fan geeks are officially Speedos? Because we may have to show a united front on this once Carla finds out.

  10. reptangle says:

    “Speedos” may have trademark infringement issues… “Speediacs”?

  11. Des says:

    Are we selling anything? Aaah, it’s not important! :^)

  12. Oneiros says:

    Nononono… *puts head in hands* No, I can’t support “Speedos”… oh, wait, “support”, a poor choice of words… scratch that, scratch that… ;)

  13. Des says:

    Okay, “Speedfreaks,” then. The less self-deprecating can be Speedys, Speeders, or just Speds.

  14. Oneiros says:

    I could go with “Speedfreak”.

    I feel the need, the need for Speed.

  15. reptangle says:

    I like “speedfreaks”

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