Fancy Hardcover TALISMANs

Tada! Click on the store link, and you can order the excellent Dark Horse gift editions of TALISMAN from me. There’s the regular hardcover with its groovy glory-days graphic style, and there’s the signed-and-numbered version that replicates Marcie’s lost book in detail. They’re both so good-looking I had to look twice to make sure they were the same book I published way back in the day, they do have all the notes and extras, and they’re big! For those who want a really good look at my obsessive crosshatching.

I will sign them if they’re not signed already, I will personalize them, I will add little sketches to the regular editions and handmade color bookplates to the special editions. I will also do the “As if Jaeger wrapped this up to drag halfway across the world in a half-shredded saddlebag” giftwrap. Just drop me a line when you order.

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  1. drs says:

    Can I ask what the state of the comic is? Seems to have frozen a couple years ago, apart from getting a new publisher?

  2. Speed says:

    Having gotten the new publisher, I embarked upon a lengthy story serialized in eight-page gulps in DARK HORSE PRESENTS. That story is nearing completion, and will, I hope, segue nicely into a revamped, reimagined, and almost entirely rewritten TORCH.

  3. drs says:

    Ah, good to hear.

  4. Judith Anne Sprague says:

    Hi. What is the title of the story you serialized in DARK HORSE PRESENTS. Can you provide links to where issues with your story can be purchased? Thanks.

  5. Speed says:

    It’s called 3RD WORLD. I’m not in #8 or #9.

  6. Molly Sheehan says:

    I just purchased a Talisman gift edition for my son on your website but did not find any place where I could input his name for personalization. what do I do?

  7. Brad Chamberlain says:

    For those wondering about the promise of “I will also do the “As if Jaeger wrapped this up to drag halfway across the world in a half-shredded saddlebag” giftwrap” — I just have to say “wow!” It was almost heartbreaking for me to open it today, it was so amazingly lovingly wrapped. Thanks Carla!


  8. So sorry to do this in a blog comment, as it’s not related to Talisman (which I love) but I just finished re-reading Dream Sequence in Finder Library 2, and have 2 geeky things I wanted to share. First, I saw Scrooged for the first time this year on DVD, and I think Stilwater look like Robert Mitchum does in that film. Second, I’m also watching the series Friday Night Lights on DVD, and something clicked when I read Dream Sequence: Tim Riggins is the scapegoat of Dillon. Riggins: FNL :: Jaeger: Finder. Love, love, the new library collections, and reading the notes to Dream Sequence made it even better.

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