GO HOME PADDY is quite good

Irish in America. If the art bothers you, it’s supposed to. Keep reading, it’s very good.

The Q & A is quite good, too.

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  1. John Walsh says:


    Thanks so much for the kind words!

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


  2. Speed says:

    Absolutely! Sorry there are so few of those kind words. I will say you pull no punches; the only thing Paddy’s been spared so far is the war, but that’d take him out of town.

    I will also recommend to folks that they read THE GREAT SHAME by Thomas Keneally, for a detailed portrait of Irish home politics during the Blight, and for the story of what happened to many of Paddy’s fellow countrymen: transportation to Australia. ‘Transportation’ makes it sound like a cruise liner took them there.


    Also add to your list of books the beautifully-drawn GONE TO AMERIKAY,


    drawn by Colleen Doran and written by Derek McCulloch, due out April 4th.

  3. John Walsh says:

    THE GREAT SHAME is a masterpiece! The book can not be recommended more highly.

    Looking forward to Gone To Amerikay!

  4. Kari says:

    It IS quite good! But you got me into it only to find it hasn’t been updated in over a year :( what’s happened?

  5. Speed says:

    I wish I knew! Can’t throw stones, glass houses and all, but other work may have taken John away from it. It’s a project very close to home, so I’m sure he will return to it in time.

  6. John Walsh says:

    Many, many new pages are on the way. I ended up working with an Editor that gave me some GREAT advice and the result was changing up some aspects of the story. So…I’ve been creating new pages, re-writing existing pages, etc. Hoping to have a large page dump happen in the next month or two.

  7. John Walsh says:

    Lots of new material up over at http://www.gohomepaddy.com for anyone interested.
    Thanks again for the kind words Carla!

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