I would have titled this post ‘panning,’ as in ‘for gold,’ but since ‘panning’ also means ‘to review unfavorably’ I thought I wouldn’t. Because these are good, for various reasons. They all went places I didn’t expect, and yet didn’t lose the thread of the story, and that isn’t easy to do.

Mad, mad thing; beautifully watercolored, and right up the alley of any FINDER fan: Story Of The Door part one: TOILET GENIE

Both art and story start out looking like one thing, and rapidly evolve into several other things. And! And! It has a) an ending and b) a GOOD ending.
The Locked Maze

I look forward to seeing how this one draws to a close; right now it feels like it will be a long book, to give weight to its concept. Really long books sometimes get unbalanced. Nonetheless, I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Namesake

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  1. C C says:

    Thank you so much for this link to TG. I really, really appreciate it. And thank you even more for buying copies! It’s disproportionately exciting for me, now that I’m connecting you correctly with Finder and the book from the library. I have proceeded to Amazon and bought a Finder Library 1. <3

    And thank you also for the recommendation on Namesake. Will have to read that. (Already read and bought The Locked Maze.)

  2. Speed says:

    GAH, are you kidding? You ought to be snarling at me for saying so little in praise of one of my new favorite comics. Your work is nasty good– lovely and funny and sordid by turns, and I wish I was half as good at painting. Email me a physical address at lightspeedpress(at) and I’ll send you some books.

    Hey, everybody, how can you resist a book about an abandoned pug dog turned into a human by a jinn trapped in a defunct public bathroom? So many webcomics don’t have a story concept, just a situation and characters (I myself have fallen victim to this from time to time). It’s a distinct hazard of character-driven writing. Not so TOILET GENIE, which, even though it begins with the tropic ‘genies are dicks’ idea, begins creating its own unique cosmology in short order. I’m really looking forward to more, and the watercolor technique is ruining my eyes, since I forget to blink when I’m looking at it. Go! And overdose!

  3. Isabelle says:

    Hahahah, Namesake will be long (the idea was to make an epic, long-winded story since I usually doe short stories), but I do hope you’ll like it until it’s end :D

    Thanks so much for mentioning our webcomic. And giving me a link to Toilet genie. Need to read this. Like, now. Locket Maze, I have already had the pleasure of enjoying :D Wee!

  4. ABeth says:

    Two webcomics I already know I like, and a third I haven’t seen yet (but seeing as how it’s in such good company…)! Excellent!

    (And it’s Namesake and TG that are already bookmarked in my Webcomics file.)

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