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It has often been pointed out to me that I have all the zeal for self-promotion of a lungfish peacefully buried under the cracked surface of a droughty pond. I hear that someone’s written something nice about my work, and instead of whirling into a well-oiled mechanical dervish of reposting, tweeting, fbooking, tumbling, googleplexing, and God only knows what else you damned hyperevolved internet big brains do, I sink back down into my mudhole and placidly wait for the monsoon.

I have a nasty headache and can’t see out of one eye, so I’m Googling myself. On blackout day. Because I can’t read anyway. Or draw. So here’s what cleverer people have to say:



Fiction State Of Mind


Good Reads (I never get comments. THIS HAS COMMENTS, good lawdycrosis)

Fantastic Fangirls

Comics Worth Reading

good words on Amazon

Bleeding Cool, which is what it says on the tin

Top Ten list #1

Publisher’s Weekly

Comics Alliance


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4 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    Land ho!

    All caught up. Meaning, today I finished Voice, thus ending my steady voyage through the Finder oeuvre.


    You’ve got these sketches posted. I’m itching to sail through them. Is there already a schedule for their (Torch’s) publication?

  2. Speed says:

    TORCH is next year’s book; 2012′s is 3RD WORLD, currently serialized in DARK HORSE PRESENTS.

    Here’s the thing: most of what is up now will not end up in the finished book. I’m not happy with it as it is, and have been grinding out a vastly different script for TORCH since I fell off the shelf here.

    I will make a formal announcement as to when you guys can expect TORCH to begin again, in radically different form.

  3. Owlmirror says:


    I’m sorry that you became unhappy with the work-in-progress. You don’t usually post much about story construction, but if you feel like venting a little about what you see as having gone wrong, I think people would be interested.

    Looking forward to New Stuff!

  4. Speed says:

    Oh, I hope to comment extensively, since it’s been a really interesting process. You’ll all be getting a much better book. Yes, I well may be leaving out some of your favorite bits, but books do that. They’ll all make great outtakes, or maybe make their way into the next book.

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