Sketch Cards

These are examples of the sketch cards I’ve been including in the Dark Horse FINDER Libraries I have for sale. Trying too hard, probably, but they give me a chance to play with color media. They’re 4″x6″, marker and colored inks on Bristol. I try to include one per book, but if I get rushed for time, I may cut it back to one per order.

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  1. K.L. Droscha says:

    Is the bottom right Hauhet?

  2. Speed says:

    No, that’s Nira. You haven’t met her yet. Hau and Nira do have quite a lot in common– they’re both cut from the same block in the back of my head– but Hau’s hair is so black it barely shines.

  3. Kat Rocha says:

    Took me forever but I finally got over here. Love the sketchchards. :)

  4. Philippe says:

    My 2 Finder omnibuses with 2 awesome sketch cards arrived today… Great deal, great books, great cards !! :-)

  5. Alannaeowyn says:

    ……Looks like I need to give you more of my money. Next time I have money. Because those are BEAUTIFUL, and I WANT ONE. Wanting the second Finder library as well is merely incidental.

    Sigh. Might be awhile before I have disposable income.

  6. Joe says:

    Oh my.

    You’ll prolly never see this, but I /am/ flacking your stuff over on Star Citizen.


    There is this old bookstore, used stuff, back inside what used to be the Wurlitzer
    factory. It has that scent of concrete and ancient wood with varnish, painted over wood. This is where books go to die. Its sweet, and melancholy.

    The guy that owns it has, I was told, a huge warehouse somewhere in the city,
    and he brought in, at random, just an enormous amount of comic books.

    I don’t go in for comics. My brother came back from Vietnam and left me a
    stack of them. Okay…I get it, revenge fantasies all.

    So here I am, on a warm summer day, the sort of day that’s best for bookstores
    or libraries. No one is there, its like its YOUR place. I perused a bit in the
    comics, looking for Watchman mostly, and I found…wait…

    *Opens Finder and peers*

    Later, a third into it I thought, “Oh she’s good”

    I look around suddenly and clutch the book to my chest, a 47 year old man
    suddenly afraid someone would take this from me.

    Buys it.

    Now, the thing with online is that you can find a second life for these books
    that go to die in places like the bookstore inside the old Wurlitzer factory.

    Ah…this isn’t a dead book, I’ve been cheated.


    *buys up as much as he can on his card*

    Carla. You say, in Talisman “One Of Us” I used to use the term “The Tribe”

    Your in the Tribe.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

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