All Right, Have More Art

Added two more pages of original art from FINDER: 3RD WORLD, currently serializing in DARK HORSE PRESENTS, to the Etsy store.

Here’s how it goes: I don’t want a massive pile of pages up at any one time. Any given page will have two weeks to sell. As pages sell or are pulled after their two-week tour, they will be replaced. The total number of pages for sale will never be greater than ten.

So if a train leaves El Paso heading north, and a car leaves Denver heading east, who gets spaghetti first? And who killed Mrs White with the cheese grater in the oubliette? And does anybody want the rough pencilled pages, and would they pay more for a finished page if it was accompanied by its corresponding pencilled page?

Test on Monday.

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  1. Jack Walker says:

    … I’m going to just answer C for everything.

  2. You Rock!
    I just received Finder library volume two, after ordering it from my local comic book store. The dude working there is kind of a Dick, but I tried to put a good word in for you! I told him Finder is like a cross between Moebius’ “Incal” and the Hernandez brothers!

    I got volume 1 out of the Madison, WI public Library. I really can relate to Jaeger. Except he is cooler and better looking! But I get sick when I stay in one place too long and thrive, eating out of dumpsters and hitch hiking through Alaska and the Yukon and being taken in by Indians, and having all these near fatal adventures. Near drowning, rescuing a guy from getting stomped to death by four Jamaican gangsters, taking DMT, doing Graffiti Art in Train tunnels etc.

    I feel like mybe I should just be myself now. You helped me figure out a lot of stuff about myself. Thank you.


  3. Crystal says:

    I’m going to say that the El Pasoan gets spaghetti first because they are driving away from El Paso as fast as they possibly can because it’s sucks so bad. I would know, I live there. I got a teensy weensy bit excited, though :)

  4. reptangle says:

    Whats an oubliette?

  5. Speed says:

    A place to put things to forget about them. At least, until they stop moving. Medieval.

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