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Things are distressingly quiet here at Muppet Labs, so I have time to stick some art up for sale. Here’s a cover:
Pretty, pretty color art. And hereare the first eight pages of 3RD WORLD, the story running in DARK HORSE PRESENTS.

3RD WORLD will be a full-sized book of All-Jaeger All The Time once it’s done. I think I have it set up so that if you buy more than one page, you aren’t charged extra, but I cain’t figga out how to add to the basic storefront that shipping is high because I don’t trust art to any company but FedEx.

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  1. mirana says:

    Eee! I had to buy page 1 immediately. Loved it the moment I saw it.

    Your Account > Info & Appearance will let you edit what the front page says. Once in that section, there’s a tab “Policies” if you want to note it there too.

    Thanks for making your art available to us like this. :)

  2. Speed says:

    Well, thank YOU! yes yes indeed thank youuuu

  3. Speed says:

    Here’s a question for the peanut gallery: Would anyone buy the rough pencils for these pages? For years I’ve just cavalierly folded them in half and thrown them in with mail-orders, and people have given me queasy “HOW could you DO that” sort of responses. Would anyone buy them? Perhaps if I sold them in chapter sets? Or would they just make a cool toy to throw in with the finished pages– rough page with finished page? They’re just sheets of typing paper with scrawly pencils on them, covered in notes and corrections and half-erased lines.

  4. mirana says:

    Holy crap, yes I would love to get penciled/rough pages! I think there’s a lot of energy in sketches, and I love seeing the tought process. Are we talking roughs you do before a “finished” pencil page? Either way, they are still cool to see.

    If I were selling them, I’d package them with the inked work, or sell them separately individually. I used to be a framer, and am an artist, so the idea of framing a rough/pencil next to a finished ink page fills me with ridiculous glee. I have two other pages from you and they’re already up in my living room. :)

    Let me know if you want to make the rough/pencil for the DHP pg 1 available! ;)

  5. Speed says:

    These are finished pencilled pages, but my pencils are rough compared to what folks who pencil for someone else to finish. I don’t think they look like much, myself, but I’m sure the same can be said for the rough art I gobble up in “art-of-latest-movie” books. Question is, what do I charge for ‘em? I have the rough for the page you bought; convo me on etsy and we’ll hash it out.

  6. mirana says:

    I can see why you think your pencils are roughs, but they are really very detailed and works of art on their own. When you posted the pencil version of the page I bought, I sat and appreciated it for a while! They are definitely of worth. I’m sure many of your readers think so as well, especially since they are the pages they get to read first sometimes. :) I will definitely convo you…or email, if you want to save the fees?

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