SPX spot

I will be at table E-16 at the sumptuous Bethesda North (that is to say, not actually Bethesda) Convention Center. Jason Little will also be there, sharing table space with me, and Jason’s work is not to be missed.

Because there are some people who have to grumble, a couple people have grumbled about this:


First, hell– that’s how everybody should dance to Tom Waits songs, the carny-in-hell ones anyway. Second, the Muppets are subversive as hell. I wouldn’t have been ready for Tom Waits when he hove into earshot if it hadn’t been for them and other things like them. I will probably still be growling this song under my breath at the show.

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  1. Twitch says:

    Link to Jason Little’s website is broken, same way with your last two posts (though the youtube link works fine)

    Curious, I wonder if it’s something about the blog software that keeps messing it up the same way again and again…

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